HCA NEWS Major Chinese HCA2005 portal a reality

The Chinese HCA2005 portal will have a wide impact on the Chinese landscape.

By Mikkel Stjernberg - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 03 December 2003

The Chinese have a close relationship with Hans Christian Andersen, and China is one of the most important international markets for the HCA2005 project to penetrate. Including on the Internet, where HCA2005 has just established a major Chinese portal, providing the Chinese with nuanced information on what they can expect in connection with the international celebration of Hans Christian Andersen in 2005.

At hca2005.cn, people in China can follow - in Mandarin - all the latest international news and events generally relating to Hans Christian Andersen, even as they have access to Chinese information on activities in China.

In addition, the portal contains quite a bit of background information on Hans Christian Andersen and the HCA2005 project, as well as numerous links to various types of material on the international HCA2005 portal. One of the primary purposes of the portal is to attract traffic from hca2005.cn to the international, English-language HCA2005 portal.

Proprietorship of Andersen
"If we were not going to commemorate Hans Christian Andersen in China, we would not be celebrating him in any other country but Denmark. China has a deeply-felt relationship with Andersen and a sense of proprietorship for him by which we Danes can only be inspired. Thus, the Chinese website is a superb symbol of how, through modern technology, a small culture like that in Denmark can exchange knowledge and insight with a major culture such as that in China," says Secretary General for the HCA2005 Foundation, Lars Seeberg.

The Chinese HCA2005 portal will be improved and updated on a running basis and, during the course of 2005, will also provide diverse forms of experience-oriented material - for example, streaming-image news reports and interviews and various forms of multimedia games for children and other playful souls, who want to immerse themselves in the universe of Hans Christian Andersen in other, alternative ways.

"The Chinese HCA2005 portal is a cornerstone for the project's activities in China and an essential part of our communication strategy. From the start, we have placed great emphasis on our visibility on the Internet and consider hca2005.cn as a natural extension of our activities on the English-language HCA2005 portal. Thus, hca2005.cn is yet another example of how we at the HCA2005 project are connecting the world," says Director of Public Affairs for HCA2005, Christian Have.

Experience the Chinese HCA2005 portal at hca2005.cn!