HCA NEWS DKK 4 million for the renovation of the Funen Village

Four million Danish crowns from the Augustinus Foundation for the modernization of the Funen Village.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 01 December 2003

The board of the Augustinus Foundation has granted four million Danish crowns to help with the modernization and reconstruction of the Funen Village. The endowment will go to the portion of the project that will ensure by the summer of 2005 the construction of a completely new entrance area with a visitors' center and parking lot.

The Funen Village is one of the crown jewels in the preservation and transmission of the cultural heritage of Funen. The museum presents a unique total experience of the mid-1800s, complete with houses, farms, a watermill, a windmill, a smithy, a school, a brickyard and an inn, among other things. In the Funen Village, you can step back in time as nowhere else and be told the story of Denmark as it appeared in Hans Christian Andersen's day.

Watching out for nature
In order to provide guests with an introduction to the cultural landscape in general and the Funen Village in particular, a visitors' center will be erected, like those found many places abroad. It will be situated unobtrusively back from Sejerskov Road in a meadow in front of the village with a beautiful view of its rooftops.

The visitors' center will contain the following major components:
Information and reception, introductory exhibit, movie theater, museum store and, of course, a modern cloakroom and toilet and diaper-changing facilities, etc.

The visitors' center will be built to fit into the surrounding landscape and will signal the transition between the present and the past in a positive way. The new facilities will help ensure that the more than 90,000 annual visitors will have an enjoyable experience of the Funen Village and leave with a desire to know more about an agricultural society that has been undergoing rapid change in recent years.