HCA NEWS HCA children's hospital on its way to Odense

After long planning, it now appears that a children's hospital in Odense, named after Hans Christian Andersen, is about to become reality.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 05 November 2003

By all accounts, Denmark's first children's hospital is going to be located in Odense and will probably be named after the city's most famous native son - author Hans Christian Andersen. So writes the newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende.

It has long been the intention of politicians to found such a children's hospital, but only recently did the hospital board for the County of Funen present concrete plans for actually establishing the hospital, along with a budget for the project.

"This means that the hospital is now really on track, and I look forward to the time, when we in Odense have something modern to offer children and, particularly, their parents, which assembles in a more coordinated way the general and special abilities required to treat children optimally," says the chairperson for the hospital board, Poul-Erik Svendsen.

He expects that the hospital will be called the Hans Christian Andersen Children's Hospital, and that it will be open for business sometime during the bicentennial of his birth in 2005.