HCA NEWS Royal engagement generates attention

The imminent engagement and upcoming wedding between Tasmanian Mary Donaldson and Crown Prince Frederik is generating great publicity for Denmark as HCA2005 approaches.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 07 October 2003

The media frenzy around Crown Prince Frederik and his imminent fiancée and future wife, Mary Donaldson, is not confined within the borders of the Kingdom of Denmark. To the contrary, it is creating a highly valuable platform for marketing Denmark internationally, and it will have positive fallout for Hans Christian Andersen 2005.

Quite simply, the international attention has deepened the impression of Denmark as a little kingdom, where an ordinary girl can get her prince and half the realm as well.

For an international celebration of Denmark's national writer, Hans Christian Andersen, whose fairytales evoke just such images in the mind's eye, the Danish tourist industry is getting the perfect platform for marketing both Denmark and Hans Christian Andersen.

"The publicity Denmark will receive from this is advertising worth several hundred million Danish crowns," says acting director of the Danish Tourist Board, Flemming Bruhn, to the freely distributed newspaper MetroXpress.