HCA NEWS Internet-based research forum on Hans Christian Andersen

The Hans Christian Andersen Center at the University of Southern Denmark will exploit the Internet to gather together Hans Christian Andersen scholars across national boundaries.

By Mikkel Stjernberg - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 12 June 2003

The computer screens at the Hans Christian Andersen Center of the University of Southern Denmark have shifted into high gear these days to get an international research forum on Hans Christian Andersen up and running.

"The research forum will have English as its primary language, since we want and expect an international congregation of users," says research assistant Lars Bo Jensen, who is responsible for the establishment and operation of the forum.

He adds that the primary purpose of the forum is to gather together scholars and others professionally interested in Hans Christian Andersen for events, on-going discussions, networking groups and the exchange of documents.  

It is hoped that the research forum will become a unique tool for international research into Hans Christian Andersen - particularly in connection with the celebration of the bicentennial of his birth, an event taking place throughout 2005.

"It is a huge challenge to try to gather scholars together across national boundaries. In this, the Internet is able to do something quite extraordinary, and I see a tremendous potential for this method of pooling knowledge in the future," says Lars Bo Jensen.

The forum will become part of the HCA2005 portal and is expected to be ready by the beginning of next week. The intention is to fine tune the forum as much as possible over the summer, so it is ready for intensive use in the fall.

You can find the forum here!