HCA NEWS Sri Lanka celebrates Hans Christian Andersen

April 2 was the starting gun for a celebration of Hans Christian Andersen's birthday lasting several days in Sri Lanka, and it is not the first time much has been made of the Danish fairytale writer in these regions.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 04 April 2003

At regular intervals since 1985, there has been an official Hans Christian Andersen day in Southeast Asia and, in Sri Lanka, people make a great deal out of celebrating the Danish fairytale writer's birthday every year on April 2.

This year as well, the 198th anniversary of his birth became the start of an event lasting several days - including, among other things, a number of radio and television broadcasts about Hans Christian Andersen, profile articles in local publications, lectures across the country, and a series of activities for children.

For example, a summer camp focussing on the theme of Hans Christian Andersen for over 2000 Sri Lankan children and a so-called "HCA DAY's Leader's Training Programme", in which 150 specially selected children from all parts of the country participate.