A Painter Encounters a Draughtsman

"I have painted a confrontation between Hans Christian Andersen and myself. We are naked, because you only really encounter each other, when you are naked. The drawing over which we meet is an original line drawing by Hans Christian Andersen that he called "Entrance to a Wine Cellar", to which I have added color. What Hans Christian Andersen's drawing really depicts I leave to the imagination of the individual, but for me, at least, the symbol is an attempt to express through a drawing a - for the times - modern view of love and sexuality. In my encounter with Hans Christian Andersen, I take a position on the same thing - but with a point of view corresponding to today. Simply because, in his life, Hans Christian Andersen used his infatuation with men as well as women as a general source of inspiration. In specific terms, you circled around love, sexuality and infatuation in Hans Christian Andersen's time; whereas, today, we have a far more direct relationship to it. If we want to sleep with each other, we just do it. We no longer need to be ashamed of the blush of excitement in our encounter with another human being."
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