Spring Cleaning

"Of course, this picture illustrates how the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 project is supposed to dust off Hans Christian Andersen. At the same time, I want to say something about our contemporary relationship with Hans Christian Andersen as a person. Simply by depicting his head as a bust and his body as the corpus of his work (the text on the book spines says "The Fairy Tale of My Life" in mirror writing). Moreover, I want to show something of Hans Christian Andersen's phobia about the body by reducing him to an observer of sexuality, which appears in the form of a pair of provocative female legs. That sexuality is depicted as female has something to do with me, not Hans Christian Andersen. I would not myself be able emotionally to illustrate the sexual with a pair of male legs, but the gender of the legs as such is also irrelevant for the overall statement of the picture."
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