Pieces of the Puzzle of Hans Christian Andersen's Life

"This picture is at the entrance of the Noble Maid Cloister and is, thus, the first thing you encounter, when you visit the headquarters for Hans Christian Andersen 2005. The work consists of two independent works fused together into one. One part is the rabbit sculpture, which is a mundane expression of pain and love; the other is the painting behind the rabbit, which depicts a part of the puzzle of Hans Christian Andersen's life. Each piece of the puzzle contains an illustration of an element in Hans Christian Andersen's life, except for the piece in the lower right hand corner, which is missing. This symbolizes the fact that something or other in the celebration of Hans Christian Andersen in 2005 will not go as planned and that, consequently, the project will not succeed in shedding light on every side of Hans Christian Andersen."
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