LIFE & WORK NEWS A Poet in Time

45 papers from the international Hans Christian Andersen conference A Poet in Time, together more than 500 pages, are now accessible online.

By Lars Bo Jensen - University of Southern Denmark - 23 June 2004

The papers for the second international Hans Christian Andersen conference, that was held at the University of Southern Denmark in 1996, were issued in 1999 in the book A Poet in Time. The book can't be purchased anymore, but several scholars' papers may now be read on the web. The book is web-published aside with the former conference book Andersen and the World (1993). The two books share an index of authors (70 scholars), an index of papers (93 papers) and a search engine. Together they amount to more than 1100 pages elaborating several sides of the poet.

The international Hans Christian Andersen conferences