Hans Christian Andersen Honorary Award: A-film:

2 April 2005 Jørgen Lerdam received on behalf of A.Film a Hans Christian Andersen Honorary Award for "The Fairytaler".
The fairytaler is a series of innovative cartoons, all based on Andersen fairytales.The interest of "The Fairytaler" is huge, both domesticly and abroad, and the films have been sold to a number of countries, that will also benefit from the new interpretations.

The following nomination film was shown at the award ceremony in Odense Concert House 2 April 2005.

Produced by Mediestunt

Picture material: Mediestunt and A-film
Music: Comphouse Productions
Speak text: Sebastian Dorset
Speak: Scott Martingell
Photographer: Elisabeth Rønde Christensen.

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