Global Networkers

As one of the supporting platforms for HCA2005, a network of different collaborative partners has been established all over the world.   We are regularly in contact with these partners and have a great need to be able to provide them with unique information.  At the same time, our collaborative partners need to be able to get in contact with HCA 2005 and, in certain cases, with each other.

Therefore, we have established different communities, each of which will function as the center for communication between us and various types of collaborative partners.  In addition, the relevant community will provide the opportunity for our collaborative partners to communicate with each other.

A user name and a password are required to gain access to a community. You must also be approved as a user of HCA2005. On the opening page of the various communities, you will be able to see whether a community is available for you to seek membership or whether access to the community is closed.