A Hans Christian Andersen game for children who are already familiar with computer games and PlayStation. Browsing among videos. An interactive timeline that provides an overview of Hans Christian Andersen's life story and a quiz to test your knowledge of the author and learn even more than you knew before.

This multimedia universe is quite diverse, and, without doubt, Hans Christian Andersen would have been fascinated by it, if he were alive today. The interaction with users would have particularly interested him  he was famous for that himself as a reader to children.

Through the possibilities provided by the Internet, is offering various ways to walk around in the shoes of the world-famous writer. The examples are directed to all age groups, both genders, and widely different frames of reference for the appreciation of Hans Christian Andersen.

The examples should not be considered as set in stone but as a platform upon which further work will be done as we approach the jubilee year of 2005. Thus, they will be regularly updated and developed.