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Konzerthaus Berlin
30 December 2004 - 31 December 2004 , Concert, theatre, show
Germany - Berlin

The Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. Thurday 30 December (live broadcast in German and Danish radio) and Friday 31 December 2004, 4 pm at Konzerthaus, Berlin.

Copenhagen Walking Tours

01 January 2005 , Attractions
Denmark - Copenhagen

In the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen

Danish Youth Hostel Association Dramatic Circle
During 2005 , Concert, theatre, show
Denmark - Copenhagen

A Hans Christian Andersen cabaret featuring acts based on his life, work and fairytales.

DATS in the Counties of Copenhagen and Frederiksborg
During 2005 , Concert, theatre, show
Denmark - Copenhagen

The dramatist Andreas Garfield will write the play "H.C" for the amateur dramatic circles in the counties of Copenhagen and Frederiksborg. The ailing and perhaps dying Hans Christian Andersen is to embark on an epic struggle between the world of fairytale with all his immortal fairytale characters and his own mortality.

Dramaten og Teaterparaplyen, Viborg
During 2005 , Concert, theatre, show
Denmark - Viborg

A performance based on Hans Christian Andersen's first visit to Viborg in 1859 and his experiences in the narrow-minded provincial town, not least its class-struggle. Due to gossip his past catches up with him, but he leaves with honour.

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