The HCA Christmas Market in Lotzes Have

11 December 2004 - 12 December 2004 , Other events
Denmark - Odense

In the run-up to the Andersen bicentenary, a historical Christimas market will be held in the Old Quarter of Odense.

The Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market
Weekends 4-5 and 11-12 December from 10 am to 6 pm
The Old Quarter of Odense will stage an 18th century Christmas Market featuring the fairytale characters of Hans Christian Andersen. Visitors will experience a leap back in time to when Andersen became honorary citizen of Odense (1867). The Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market will cover the entire historical quarter of Odense and the Hans Christian Andersen House. The historical houses will be adorned with candlelights and feature market stalls and entertainment.
Christmas trees will be sold in Lotzes Have (park) and the Hans Christian Andersen Parade will stage a special winter performance at the Yuletide fairytale castle. Meet the famous characters from the world of Andersen, such as The Little Match-Seller and The Fir-Tree. Access special exhibitions and activities at the local museums and attractions with a moderately priced family day-card.
Søren Østergaard's Historical Fair Ground features carousel rides with a Hans Christian Andersen carousel, a swing boat and much, much more. The city square will also host a large mirror tent with period interior featuring vaudeville and Andersen readings. Second-hand market stalls will feature salespeople dressed in 18th century period costumes.
Entertainment will feature throughout the district, including traditional barrel organs and Christmas carol choir singing. Children will act as heralds accompanied by drummers as they announce the programme of the day.

Period costume soldiers will offer rides through the town, and you might meet a whole platoon of them marching through the town and firing black powder salutes. 

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