The Opera House

03 November 2004 - 06 November 2004 , Concert, theatre, show
Great Britain - London

The Anatomy of A Storyteller by Arc Dance. Dance performance created by the Danish-British choreographer Kim Brandstrup.

A modern Dance performance created by Danish-British choreographer Kim Brandstrup. His company, Arc Dance, featuring narrative modern dance, is among the most cutting-edge companies in Britain. Brandstrup has also choreographed for the Royal Danish Ballet, among others.
The performance has 13 parts (entitled The Hero, The Obstacle, The First Challenge, The Helper, etc) reflecting on the narrative elements of the folktale. The performance reveals how Andersen undermines and expands these elements creating a strange and ambiguous world of irony, caricature and naivety as well as resignation, passion and sacrifice.

The performance takes place in a virtual landscape of textual and rhythmic transformations featured as a series of virtual and animated set projections created by the acclaimed filmmakers, the
 Brothers Quaye. The projections subdivide the stage into separate narrative spacers where traditional folktale and Andersen´s fairytales are juxtaposed - as shadows or echoes of each other. The dance performance features 10 dancers of which some have modern dance backgrounds while others have with classical training.





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