The Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation has initiated a long-term educational project in support of children and the young. We hope that the educational resources offered will inspire and enhance Hans Christian Andersen teaching.

The educational resource web site is mainly directed at teachers and students on an upper-secondary level as well as elementary school teachers. The inspirational resources are aimed at students, teachers, educational consultants and others involved in the Hans Christian Andersen curriculum.

The resources feature engaging articles, animate object fairytales, prize papers, inspirational ideas from established educational resources on the Danish storyteller and suggested educational guidelines in Hans Christian Andersen teaching. Furthermore, the resources include a number of surveys, research projects and a touring exhibition featuring two of Hans Christian Andersen's most famous fairytales illustrated by young Danish artists.  

All resources are available free of charge for non-commercial use. The resources may be distributed to teachers, parents and pupils and may be published by schools and public authorities and publicised in educational periodicals, etc.