Only few manuscripts for the Hans Christian Andersen's poems are published online. The manuscripts for the beautiful poems in the travelogue I Spanien (In Spain, 1863), are online at The Royal Danish Library's website (only in Danish). These poems are among the best and most passionate of Andersen's lyric writings.

The manuscript for the poem "Denmark, My Native Land" is online at the Hans Christian Andersen Center's website. The presentation is interactive; you may click lines of the manuscript to display the transscription in both Danish and English.
Andersen's song was written in 1850, during the Danish-German war, and was published on March 5., in the newspaper Fædrelandet and performed at a concert conducted by the composer, Henrik Rung, on May 8. In today's Denmark Andersen's song is more or less regarded as an unofficial anthem. At the website you may hear Victor Borge play the song.