LIFE & WORK NEWS New study of Hans Christian Andersen's stories

A major study of Hans Christian Andersen's stories and fairy tales by Johan de Mylius will be published on the 2. April 2004

By Lars Bo Jensen - University of Southern Denmark - 29 July 2003

The book (appr. 330 pages) will be published at Hoest & Son Publishers, Copenhagen. It will be published in Danish and The title will be: 'Forvandlingens pris - H.C. Andersen og hans eventyr' (The Price of Transformation - Hans Christian Andersen and his Fairy Tales).

No other thorough literary analysis of Andersen's tales has been published for nearly 30 years, and the "authority" in this field dates back to 1927 (Paul V. Rubow's book on Andersen, which only deals with genre, style, language and ideas, not interpretation).

The coming book presents a coherent and innovative view of Andersen and his stories, analyzing appr. 40 stories in thematically arranged groups of texts. Also poems, novels, travel books, autobiographies and other materials are included in the interpretation of Andersen and his position within literary history and as an author also present in our time.

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