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Get an impression of the incredible extension of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales: See which 123 languages are to be found in the library at the Hans Christian Andersen Museum; read a fairytale in each of the 123 languages, and find where on the map of the world the languages in question are spoken.

By Ane Grum-Schwensen - Hans Christian Andersen Museum - 13 June 2003

The fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen are translated into 145 different written languages at present and new languages frequently occur. In the collections at Odense City Museums, or to be more explicit, in the library at the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, 123 of the languages are represented.

At the opening of the first part of the new exhibitions in the Hans Christian Andersen Museum on May 3rd 2003, the new library opened with infokiosks where you can read a fairytale in each of the 123 languages. This function has been further developed for web-use.

Therefore it is now possible to get an impression of the extension of the fairytales via the internet, to see where in the world you speak and write which languages - and to read fairytales in 123 languages. So that people that are on the net in China are able to read a Danish fairytale of a Chinese Emperor - in Chinese.

Fairytales in 123 languages