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On Thursday 7 April, the exhibition H. C. Andersen på kinesisk (Hans Christian Andersen in Chinese) will open at the art museum in Aalborg, Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum.

By on - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 08 April 2005

The exhibition presents some of the most influential contemporary Chinese art ever to be shown in Scandinavia. The exhibition is a joint collaboration between Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, the Municipality of Aalborg and the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation.

The 27 contributing artists have been selected by Chinese curators, and the exhibition offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into contemporary Chinese art, which encompasses traditional and more innovative media, including painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation.

As the exhibition title implies, the Chinese reception of Andersen is the main focus of the exhibition. And the Chinese are introduced to Andersen at an early age. The most influential of Andersen's fairytales were translated many years ago, and The Little Match Girl has been part of the national elementary school curriculum since 1939. The Chinese value Andersen for his ethics, his magic and his wide artistic scope. To the Chinese, Andersen's fairytale world is a part of their living cultural heritage. The exhibition artists draw inspiration from Andersen's open-mindedness, his honesty and respect for the innocence of the child.

Individual artworks exhibit obvious reference to fairytales such as The Little Match Girl as well as Andersen's background as the son of a washerwoman. But the artworks are no illustrations to Andersen's fairytales. Rather they are reflections on the timeless significance of the storyteller two centuries after his birth seen from a Chinese perspective.

The contributing artists are:
Chen Xi, Chi Peng, Cui Guotai, Cui Ziuwen, Dang Zhen, Fan Bo, Hu Min, Jiao Yingqi, Li Song, Li Yongling, Liang Shuo, Lin Lan, Liu Liyun, Lv Shengzhong, Ma Gang, Peng Wei, Qin Yufen, Qiu Zhije, Sun Liang, Tang Guo, Tao Aimin, Weng Fen, Wang Guangyi, Wang Weiguo, Danwen Xing, XV Bing, Zhou Li.

The exhibition will be featured at Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum 8 April - 5 June. 

For further information on the exhibition, please contact the director of the museum Nina Hobolth or curator Birgit Hessellund.

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