HCA NEWS CCTV - Andersen in China

The fairytale life of Hans Christian Andersen. Based on Andersen's immortal phrase "to travel is to live", Chinese broadcaster CCTV has created a docu-drama introducing the life and work of the Danish storyteller to the Chinese audience.

By hpnj - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 29 March 2005

"Hans Christian Andersen - The Fairytale-like life of the Fairytale Writer" will be featured as five 30-minutes episodes. The series deals with Andersen's strong-willed success, his storytelling, his love affairs and his travel experiences throughout Europe.

The docu-drama produced by China-Europe Interact Culture & Communication Co, Ltd will be broadcasted on CCTV-10 on 31 March, 1 April and 2 April.

CCTV is China's largest TV broadcaster and their channel No. 10 was established in 2001 as a science, technology and educational method's channel. The channel also features Chinese and world cultural heritage. The broadcaster reaches 90% of the Chinese population (i.e. 1.1 billion viewers) as well as large parts of South-east Asia. Their international channel and English-speaking channels broadcast to much of the world.

Producer George Yang states: "The Story of Hans Christian Andersen presents itself as a long journey along the routes of Andersen's fairytales. Set 200 years ago as a rendezvous with countries that deeply influenced his writing, it explores how his phrase "To travel is to live" remains an inspiration for modern life".