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The Children's Book Council of Iran is arranging a Festival from April 4 to 6 2005, and a Hans Christian Andersen Painting Contest for Children all over the world.

By tkr - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 09 February 2005

The Children's Book Council of Iran, CBC (The Iranian National Section of IBBY) has set up a Hans Christian Andersen Committee to celebrate his 200th anniversary in 2005. The program includes a Painting Contest for children and young people from all over the world, and will culminate in a three day Festival from April 4 to 6 2005 at the Iranian Artists Forum. The Festival Program is aimed at people of all ages, offering the opportunity to as many as possible to take a closer look at Hans Christian Andersen's life and work.

The Festival Program includes:
- Exhibition of Hans Christian Andersen photographs, paper cuts, selection of children and young people paintings inspired by a work of Andersen.
- Display of the illustrations of "Thumbelina" by the Iranian illustrator Ms. Nasrin Khosravi.
- Exhibition of more than 50 Persian versions of Hans Christian Andersen Books.
- Exhibition of 30 books from the best international illustrators available in the CBC Research Library.
- Workshops for researchers, specialists and critics to discuss Hans Christian Andersen's life, poems and stories from different aspects.
- Workshops for children and young people. Hans Christian Andersen stories will be read aloud to be illustrated.
- Daily film shows at the Forum Cinema.
- Production of Hans Christian Andersen posters, postcards and brochures.

For this purpose CBC holds a Painting Contest for young people from the age of 3 to the age of 16. The selected works will be exhibited during the three days of the Festival and will also be published in a book.

Rules of the Contest:
1. The Contest is open to young people between 3 and 16 of age. Each participant may submit one or two painting(s) based on Hans Christian Andersen stories.
2. Any sizes, all forms and types of creation are accepted. The paintings may be in water colour, oil, crayon, collage etc. Works must be submitted without frames.
3. All creations remain the property of the Children's Book Council of Iran and, except for the winners, will not be acknowledged. None of the paintings shall be returned. Selected works will be available on the CBC's website and is exhibited during the Festival events. The rights of publication of the paintings are reserved for the holders of the Festival.
4. 3 Grand Prize winners will receive a Hans Christian Andersen Bust, a Framed Winners Certificate and Recognition on CBCs English website, www.cbc.ir
5. Contestant's personal information must contain full name, age, gender, contact address (mailing address, e-mail address, telephone, fax, etc) and reference to the chosen Andersen story. The requested information must be written on a separate sheet of paper in capital letters, and placed on the back of the painting(s).
6. Deadline: Entries must be submitted before February 25, 2005. The jury is composed of professionals in visual arts and personalities with an intercultural vision The decision of the jury will be announced March 10, 2005.
7.  The paintings must be sent to the CBC secretariat at following address:

The Children's Book Council of Iran (CBC)
Hans Christian Andersen Committee, Painting Contest,
P.O. Box 13145-133
Tehran, 13156

For further questions please write to: or .