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The exceptional and multitalented French artist Jean Michel Jarre renders his own personal interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen at the Andersen bicentenary opening show on 2 April 2005.

By on - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 03 February 2005

Last October, Jean Michel Jarre performed a historic concert at The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijing in front of an enthusiastic audience of thousands and one billion TV viewers live across China.

Now he is back in Paris working on an entirely new performance show to be featured as part of the grand opening show of the Andersen bicentenary at the national soccer stadium, Parken, in Copenhagen on 2. April.

Jean Michel Jarre has since his debut sold no less than 60 million albums worldwide. Jean Michel Jarre will contribute to the opening show with his unique musical brand featuring several of his most popular compositions and a spectacular multimedia show reflecting some of Hans Christian Andersen's most cherished fairytales.

Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales are timeless and universal. For all of us, at any age there is always beyond the pure enjoyment of the tale, a message to learn... I am very pleased to have been invited to play an active role in his birthday celebrations and to share my music and creation with his amazing tales, says Jean Michel Jarre.

Jean Michel Jarre is a long-standing member of the artistic council of the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation. The foundation has for a long time nurtured the wish to feature Jean Michel Jarre at the opening show - a desire that Jean Michel Jarre has shared.

Jean Michel Jarre is a unique artist, who always goes his own way. For more than 30 years, he has constantly explored new possibilities within the technological development of music. And just as Andersen he has loyal fans worldwide who love the art he creates, which bridges both geographical and cultural divides, says General secretary Lars Seeberg.

The show, entitled Once Upon a Time, will be a 120-minute extravaganza featuring dramatisation, film, dance and music relating the story of the life and art of Hans Christian Andersen. A number of short film sequels created for the event will relate the story of Andersen's life and draw a line between the fairytales. Each tale will be told with dance and music, featuring an international cast of more than 300 performers. Jean Michel Jarre is to create an enchanted musical and visual setting for this fairytale land at the Andersen bicentenary opening show.

Other artists that have been confirmed for the show are Renée Flemming (US), Safri Duo (DK), The Royal Danish Ballet (DK) and Ennio Marchetto (IT) - and there's more to come.

Among the prominent guests at Parken will be the Danish Royal Family, members of the Danish Government and Hans Christian Andersen Ambassadors from around the world.

Tickets can be bought at www.billetnet.dk or www.billetlugen.dk.

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