HCA NEWS HCA Flying Suitcase products ready for take-off

The tourist industry can now order a range of unique Hans Christian Andersen products which can be used as executive and company gift items.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 26 January 2005

The range features a number of large and mini-size English-language Hans Christian Andersen books, a series of new lithogrphies based on four of Andersen's most famous fairytales and created by the British artist Ivan Bates, napkins (with optional company logo), paint books and naturally a creative version of Andersen's travel trunk.

Order The Flying Suitcase products issued by VisitDenmark's London office at their official website: www.visitdenmark.com/flyingsuitcase.

Please note that The Flying Suitcase merchandise is only available at the London office of VisitDenmark. Listed prices do not include VAT or P&P. Furthermore, sales are only open to private enterprises and organisations and not for general retail.

The Flying Suitcase products have been developed in connection with the launch of VisitDenmark's educational project "The Flying Suitcase", which aims at promoting the awareness and appreciation of Hans Christian Andersen and Denmark among English and Irish schoolchildren and their families.

The educational project has been given an overwhelming reception. Almost 30 percent of Irish primary schools have applied for the free suitcase.

The Flying Suitcase contains Hans Christian Andersen fairytale books, a DVD with an animated version of Andersen's fairytale The Flying Trunk, a Flying Suitcase poster, and educational resources in the form of information material about Denmark and a map of the country as well as relevant background knowledge on Andersen and Denmark. Furthermore, the suitcase also features a competition for 12-year-old schoolchildren with the opportunity of winning a 4-day all-inclusive school trip to Denmark, which will take place during the second half of 2005.

"Naturally, we are very pleased for the positive reception that The Flying Suitcase has been given by professional educationalists in both countries. This is the best endorsement you can give a learning project of this kind," says VisitDenmark Marketing Manager for the UK and Ireland, Henrik Kahn.