HCA NEWS Gitte Hænning appointed HCA ambassador

January 4th 2005 Gitte Hænning was appointed Hans Christian Andersen Ambassador in Berlin-Tiergarten by the Danish ambassador to Germany, Gunnar Ortmann.

By tkr - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 20 January 2005

The appointment of Gitte Hænning took place in "TIPI - Das Zelt am Kanzleramt" in connection with the re-premiere of "Gitte, Wencke, Siw - Die Show", in which Gitte Hænning was performing with Wencke Myhre and Siw Malmkvist. 

For 50 years Gitte Hænning has performed on stages in Denmark and Germany, and she is one of the best known "schlager" interpreters in Germany. In his appointment speech Ambassador Gunnar Ortman described Gitte Hænning as a person who has kept in touch with her inner child and who has always had a magic charisma. With this appointment Gitte Hænning becomes one of the now seven German Hans Christian Andersen Ambassadors, including people like the choreographer John Neumeier, actress Katja Riemann and singer Nina Hagen.