HCA NEWS Partnership with Brazilian samba school discontinued

The Board of Directors of the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation has at a meeting today decided to discontinue cooperation with the Brazilian samba school Imperatriz Leopoldinense, which involved a Hans Christian Andersen theme parade at next year's Rio de Janeiro carnival.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 29 October 2004

The foundation expresses its gratitude for the full support offered by the Danish Minister of Culture, who has emphasised that "the decision to endorse the project with Danish sponsorship was preceded by thorough assessment."

The Board of Directors concurs with the Minister of Culture but is of the opinion that the negative publicity regarding the affair may adversely reflect on the general activities of the Hans Christian Andersen Foundation. It is therefore with deep regret that the foundation has decided to discontinue cooperation with the samba school.

We take the opportunity to thank our representatives in Brazil for their commitment and we express our satisfaction that a number of other important projects in Brazil will be staged as planned.

For further information on the issue, please contact Have PR & Kommunikation.