HCA NEWS Russian film director salutes HCA in new film

The prominent russian film director Eldar Ryazanov celebrates the 200th anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen in his 25th and final film, which starts filming in January 2005.

By on - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 07 October 2004

Russia's prominent film director Eldar Ryazanov is going to make his own contribution to the bicentenary of Hans Christian Andersen.

According to the news agency AP, Ryazanov has long been dreaming of making a film about Hans Christian Andersen and now, his long cherished dream will come true.

Commenting on the future film, the film director said:
"It would be a thrilling narration of the biography of Han Christian Andersen against the background of historic events combined with fragments from many fairy tales created by the Danish story-teller."

In connection with the research for the film Ryzanov has been to Denmark, visiting places connected with the episodes of his future film, although most of the scenes will be filmed at Mosfilm studio in Moscow.

The cast is mostly Russian, except the role of Hans Christian Andersen whose image will be created by an actor from Denmark, Ryazanov said to AP.

He is planning to begin the film in January and complete it by the end of February 2005 if financial problems are settled.

Eldar Ryazanov, is ending his career in movies as a film director with the film about Hans Christian Andersen.