HCA NEWS First live writer-reader net-meeting in Europe

Ágnes Balázs' three succesful variations of her "Andersen or the fairy tale of fairy tales" in the centre of the first live writer-reader net-meeting in Europe.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 29 April 2004

Ágnes Balázs actress, writer, playwright, composer, stage director and scriptwright  meets "live" her readers in Oslo online from Apple Computer Agency Budapest and answers their questions on her novel, musical play and filmscenario "Andersen or the Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales" based on Hans Christian Andersen's life and fairy tales.

The net-meeting took place on the 21st of April in the framework of Literary Tee-parties of Mss Judit Krausz at the residency of György Kraus, ambassador of Hungary in Oslo. Ágnes Balázs' performance was seen on a big screen and heard through loud-speakers.

The succesful program was organized with the assistance of Ferenc Kovács - living in Norway writer; graphic artist; professor at Faculty of Arts Department of Media & Communication, Oslo; online lecturer also at  Dunaújváros College, Hungary; engine of the Hungarian-Norwegian cultural relations in the field of literature, theatre, graphic arts and higher education; technical organizer and moderator of the meeting.

Ágnes Balázs' novel for adults and children in the form of an illustrated book "Andersen or the Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales" was edited in November of 2003 (HOLNAP Publisher, Budapest). She is also the playwright and composer of a musical play by the same title that is going to be put on stage at Magyar Színház (Hungarian Theatre, Budapest) by stage director István Iglódi - director and stage manager of the theatre, owner of the highest for artists and scientists in Hungary "Kossuth Prize". The pre-premiere of the musical play  will be held in May of 2004.

Among the artists there are three other "Kossuth Prize" owners too (Judit Schaffer, Marianna Moór and Gellért Raksányi). With her first filmscript in her life titled also by "Andersen or the Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales" Ágnes Balázs won the 2nd prize of Hartley Merrill Budapest competition in March. The script can serve as the material of a possible successful family-oriented movie.

Taking into consideration that the world will celebrate Hans Christian Andersen's 200th birthday in 2005, Hungary and Norway included, Balázs Ágnes' works on the three successful HCA-variations and the net-meeting on her three "Andersens" were done just in time.

After her studies at the Free University, Bruxelles and Eötvös Lóránt University of Sciences (ELTE), Budapest, Ágnes Balázs took her degree at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest in 1993. Her career started with leading characters in Shakespeare's and Goldoni's theatre plays at the Hungarian National Theatre. While performing in various plays and TV-productions she appeared also as playwright, composer and stage director of "Isteni show" (Divine Show) based on Madách's classic Hungarian drama "The Tragedy of Man".

The musical play of  Quality Prize ended its third successful Budapest theatre season in April with Ágnes Balázs in Eve's role.