HCA NEWS The HCA 2005 launch in China a success

More than 2 billion TV viewers watched the presentation of the Hans Christian Andersen bicentenary in Beijing.

By Mikkel Stjernberg - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 27 February 2004

Expectations were high when Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen hosted the presentation of Hans Christian Andersen 2005 in Beijing. But the media interest from the Chinese and international press exceeded even the most optimistic of predictions.

The Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation had hoped to see a turnout of 50-70 news organisations, but 160 were represented at the presentation, which took place in the Chinese parliament building, The House of the People, by Tiananmen Square.

Nine Chinese TV stations representing nationwide coverage broadcasted the event to 1 billion viewers. Further 120 Chinese media organisations and about 15 international media organisations took part, including the Associated Press TV, which broadcasted to over 1000 TV stations worldwide - estimated to reach no less than 1 billion viewers.

An estimated minimum of 2 billion viewers in China and around the world watched excerpts from the presentation. Fifteen Danish nationwide media organisations were represented at the House of the People. Chinese Projects and Ambassadors The presentation unveiled numerous Chinese productions related to the bicentenary celebrations - some enjoying sponsorship from the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation.

Following the presentation, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen appointed seven of China's most popular celebrities as Hans Christian Andersen Ambassadors whose task will be to promote the wider awareness and appreciation of Hans Christian Andersen:

The NBA star from Houston Rockets, Yao Ming; China's most popular pop singer Song Zuying; the acclaimed Hans Christian Andersen translator Lin Hua; producer Wang Wen Zhang; actor Zhang Jinlai; musician Sun Yan and TV host Ju Ping.