HCA NEWS Andersen in Sweden

A book on Hans Christian Andersen?s visit to Sweden in 1849 now on the streets.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 14 January 2004

In 1849, Hans Christian Andersen accepted an offer to visit Sweden and wrote diligently about his journey along with way.  His writings were later published as Pictures of Sweden.  Borgen Publishers has just reprinted this work, supplemented with notes and an afterword by Mogens Brøndsted (Dr.Phil.).

Pictures of Sweden describes how Andersen decided to visit Denmark?s former enemy as a sort of escape from the harsh wartime conditions in his own country resulting from the Three Year War with Prussia.  In addition, there are beautiful descriptions of Sweden?s magnificent natural surroundings and various poems and fairytales with death, decay and survival as themes.