HCA NEWS Plant a tree for Andersen

Oak tree forest on the island of Funen, shaped like a paper cutout by Hans Christian Andersen, lacks financing.

By Mikkel Stjernerbg - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 18 December 2003

The first 162 oak trees are already standing there, forming the hopeful beginning to a pattern from one of Hans Christian Andersen's paper cutouts.

However, it is hoped that tree number 163 will be planted by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik on 2 April 2005, the day Hans Christian Andersen turns 200.  So writes the newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende.

The tree will be part of a forest of oak trees on the island of Funen, which seen from above will have the shape of the paper cutout "The Sun as a Face," which for many years decorated the main entrance to the writer?s museum in Odense.

The trees are separated by a distance of 15 meters in order that they may, over the years, produce magnificent treetops and create a fairytale-like backdrop for the animals and people passing among them.

Glades in the forest will form the eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks of the sun pattern, where, for example, a stage, lookout tower or similar things to be experienced may be raised. In other words, a perfect fairytale backdrop using nature?s own materials patterned from Hans Christian Andersen?s head.

Getting the money
The only problem is that the two million Danish crowns that the Odense City Council granted for the project several years ago have been used on other things. Additional resources must be found to realize the plan.

Therefore, the Plan a Tree Committee is now offering 162 sponsorships - one for each tree ? at 10,000 Danish crowns a piece in the hope that businesses and private persons will contribute to the project.

The sponsorship includes a certificate and a map that clearly indicates where the sponsor's tree is located.  In addition, sponsors will automatically receive an invitation to the dedication of the forest in 2005.