HCA NEWS Schubkarre und Sternschnuppe

Swiss theater piece, premiering 10 December, interprets Hans Christian Andersen's life and work in a broad context.

By Mikkel Stjernberg - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 20 November 2003

Starting December 10, Swiss theater, with a base in Zurich, is putting Hans Christian Andersen on the agenda with the staging of "Schubkarre und Sternschnuppe" (Wheelbarrow and Shooting Star).

The theater piece is a broad interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's universe that tries to construct an interpretive bridge between the writer's own life and his enormous artistic breadth.

Philosophical dimension
Thus, the play unfolds with a multidimensional interpretive perspective in an attempt to put a finger on the more philosophical dimension of Andersen. Simply by uniting the naiveté, humor and philosophical depth of the fairytales at one and the same time.

For this reason, among other things, the piece is aimed at an adult target group.