HCA NEWS New children's books on the life of Hans Christian Andersen

Easy reading versions of the life of Hans Christian Andersen on their way for children between 7 and 10.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 30 October 2003

Author and publisher Jørgen Hartung Nielsen has commenced production of 10-12 easy reading books for children between 7 and 10, based on Hans Christian Andersen's own life.

The books will begin in the writer's fifth year of life and move forward in time up until his death, writes the newspaper Vinderup Avis.

"The series is designed for younger readers and, accordingly, the typography, layout and LIX index will be adapted to the appropriate level of reading," says Jørgen Hartung Nielsen.

The first four books have already been published.  The rest will come out next year. Thus, the entire series will be ready to mark the 200th anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen's birth in 2005. An event the entire world will take part in celebrating.

The first four titles are:
"A Peculiar Boy,"  "The Ice Maiden," "The Prophecy" and "Alone In the World."