HCA NEWS HCA2005's web bureau is gazelle firm of the year in Copenhagen

The web bureau In2media A/S - which has, among other things, created this portal - has been named gazelle firm of the year in the Copenhagen area.

By Mikkel Stjernberg - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 15 October 2003

With creativity in the driver's seat and intelligence in its solutions, the web bureau In2media A/S has put itself in the forefront of Danish web bureaus over the last three years with more and more "heavy weight" clients on its list of references - including HCA2005.

For this, among other reasons, the company was named last week by the leading Danish business newspaper Børsen as the gazelle firm of the year in Copenhagen. A distinction that is the result of several years of directed creative focus.

This is why In2media A/S has been able to defy a stagnating market and secure a growth rate of 900 percent since 1999 for the little Copenhagen web bureau.

The founder and creative director of the firm, Søren Kjær, ascribes its success to a flat leadership structure and a great versatility among its staff. This has both preserved employees' creative focus and enthusiasm for projects and kept costs down to a reasonable level.

"We can see that new features on our clients' websites have caused visitor numbers to climb significantly and, therefore, we believe that there is a huge potential in multimedia solutions in the future. Most businesses today just have a text lying there, saying something like the firm is leading in its field, but nobody feels like reading that, if the vision of the company is not communicated credibly. That's where we come into the picture," says Søren Kjær.

He adds that he sees the stagnation in the multimedia field over the past couple of years merely as a necessary downturn to allow the industry to consolidate itself after the rollicking '90s, but that the need for businesses to communicate through multimedia solutions will increase markedly, as technology becomes more and more integrated into our everyday life. 

"The next big step in the field will be to build intelligence into solutions. Something we at In2media have had in the pipeline for a year and to which now we are ready to turn our undivided attention," says Søren Kjær.

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