HCA NEWS Counties and municipalities standing in line to celebrate Andersen

Danish counties and municipalities are excited at the prospect of putting themselves on the map during the celebration of Hans Christian Andersen in 2005.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 30 September 2003

Odense and Copenhagen agreed some time ago to participate in the celebration of Hans Christian Andersen's 200th birthday in 2005.

Århus recently jumped on the bandwagon, when the city council decided to donate more than DKK 7 million to the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation in exchange for holding a number of major, international events in the city during the jubilee year.

This has spurred quite a few other Danish counties and municipalities to see the opportunities HCA2005 provides, and they are standing in line now to form similar agreements, writes the newspaper Frederiksborg Amts Avis.

The foundation expects to bring in a total of DKK 50 million in exchange for scheduling events in contributing counties and municipalities.