HCA NEWS Hans Christian Andersen and Western Zealand in English

Now there is an English version of Stig Fjord Nielsen's book on Hans Christian Andersen and western Zealand.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 11 June 2003

Danish historian Stig Fjord Nielsen is back once again with a book on Hans Christian Andersen and western Zealand (Vestsjælland). This time in an English version.

The book is identical to the Danish version with the exact same format. The only difference is that the text in the Danish version has been translated.

However, the translator and the author chose not to translate most of the verse penned by Hans Christian Andersen himself and cited in the book. It remains in Danish in the English version.

For additional information on the Danish as well as the English versions of the book, please contact the head of cultural affairs for Vestsjælland County, .