HCA NEWS Odense City Museums open 24 hours a day

The new opening hours for Odense City Museums are 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. The museum has provided the world electronic access to its collections via the Internet.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 03 June 2003

It has taken several years to get there, but the goal has finally been reached. Almost all the various collections at Odense City Museums have been made accessible via the Internet, and anyone with a reliable Internet connection can experience the original works for themselves - including a number from Hans Christian Andersen's own hand.

For example, in the form of the small pieces of paper on which Andersen drew during his trips throughout Europe. At home in Denmark, he made diligent use of these drawings, which provided impressions of mood and atmosphere that could be filled out with words. The great majority derive from two major trips he made to Italy in 1833-34 and to Greece and Turkey in 1840-41.

One may also form an impression of how Hans Christian Andersen looked by clicking back and forth on the many photographic portraits of the writer. A number of these portraits are not even part of the physical exhibition at the Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

Pictures of Odense
However, there is a lot more to the museum's website than Hans Christian Andersen. For example, the art collection at the Funen Art Museum is the latest addition to the digitalized collections.
Odense City Museums' relatively large collection of old drawings and photographs of Odense is also now online to an even larger extent than before. 

The collection is physically located at the Citymuseum Møntergården, but the first 5,500 of over 500,000 pictures in the large photo collection are already accessible on the site. 

Plus much, much more. Check out the different microsites and go exploring in the digital universe of Odense City Museums. 

The Art Collection at Funen Art Museum

Old Pictures of Odense

Hans Christian Andersen?s Drawings

Hans Christian Andersen Portraits

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