HCA NEWS HCA opera in an old barn

Director from Funen to mount a Hans Christian Andersen opera in an old barn.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 26 May 2003

The director for Contemporary Opera Denmark, Peter Hanke, has plans to mount a production of a Hans Christian Andersen opera set to the music of Carl Nielsen in an old barn on the island of Funen.

The barn has very special acoustics, comparable to the sound of a church, which has inspired Peter Hanke to make it the setting for various productions specially created for it.

"There are those who have said this is a hopeless project, but I think it is very appealing to try out innovative concepts in the provinces," says Peter Hanke.

The barn is located at Bramstrup Manor, south of Odense, and, according to Peter Hanke, it is unique, because it consists of a very free space, which is not limited by any particular aesthetic or function. 

For example, it is not the kind of space, where the orchestra can only be situated in one corner, and this is an attribute Peter Hanke would like to exploit to the hilt.