HCA NEWS A chair for Hans Christian Andersen

Betting her savings, unemployment and retirement benefits on making the dream of a Hans Christian Andersen chair a reality.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 06 May 2003

63-year old Dorthe Hvennegaard dropped her unemployment benefits and bet her retirement funds on founding her own firm, Hvennegaard Design - which she did on Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, April 2, and not without reason. The firm's only product is a Hans Christian Andersen chair, which Dorthe Hvennegaard developed herself.

The chair is designed on Hans Christian Andersen's initials. It has the H and the A on the backrest and the C in the legs. It comes in maple or oiled mahogany and there are several models in development - including a dining room chair and a rocking chair. 

It was over a year ago that Dorthe Hvennegaard hatched the idea of making a Hans Christian Andersen chair and, even though it was a quick development process, it has certainly not been without problems. Simply finding a producer who liked the idea took a woman with some backbone.

Fortunately, furniture manufacturer Ebbe Grave Kristensen of Orte Møbelfabrik was just as enthusiastic about the idea. The result will be presented next week at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, at which Dorthe Hvennegaard has leased the world's smallest stand - six square meters.