HCA NEWS Hans Christian Andersen's presence in life

According to composer Palle Mikkelborg, Hans Christian Andersen is just as constant a companion in life as, say, the wind.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 25 April 2003

In the latest HCA Comment, Danish composer Palle Mikkelborg reflects on Hans Christian Andersen's presence in his life and compares it to an omnipresent energy. Like the wind or grass in the garden. Something we have grown up with, something that is just there.

"He has always been there, and this is the first time it has dawned on me that Hans Christian Andersen is actually a person, and how much he has actually meant to me. Not just because he tells some truths in a language that is so accessible that everyone can understand it," Palle Mikkelborg says in his comment.

Watch Palle Mikkelborg's comment here!