HCA NEWS New collection of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales in Swedish

The publishing house Corona Förlag in Malmø, Sweden, have published a new collection of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 09 April 2003

The Swedish publishing house Corona Förlag, based in Malmø, has just published a new collection Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. The collection includes the most famous of them, which have been lovingly adapted into Swedish and supplemented with classic illustrations that have previously accompanied its Hans Christian Andersen editions.

Of this version, Swedish professor C.H. Svenstedt wrote in the periodical "Boken":

"Probably like a lot of other parents, I have been searching the bookstores for a long time for a Swedish collection of Hans Christian Andersen that is neither too gloomy or Disney-esque.  Here it is - and at a reasonable price, at that - in a version that is more airy and modern than most Danish editions I have perused.  The jacket cover with original illustrations by Pedersen & Frölich fit perfectly with the new attire."

Moreover, one may read in the introduction, written by Lars Werlinder:

"Hans Christian Andersen used the idiom of his day, when he had his fairy tales published. Today's colloquial speech is not what it was in the mid-19th century. Therefore, we have not merely translated the texts, but carefully adapted them, so that they sound natural without losing the original's poetic power."

Hans Christian Andersen, "Älskede Sagor", 207 pages, 20 fairy tales. Adapted and selected by Lars Werlinder.