HCA NEWS The fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen in123 languages

Odense City Museums is ready with a new microsite that contains examples of Andersen's fairy tales in 123 of the 145 languages into which they have been translated.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 16 June 2003

The diffusion of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales is enormous, and it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend exactly how great a stature he has as a writer in today's world. That is why Odense City Museums has just opened a microsite with examples of fairy tales in 123 of the 145 languages into which Andersen's fairy tales have been translated.

"The idea of the microsite is to provide Internet users all over the world with the opportunity to the extent possible of reading an Andersen fairy tale in their own language. However, it is also intended to demonstrate how widespread the fairy tales are.  Finally, of course, it allows curious souls to amuse themselves by seeing how a fairy tale looks in Volapük or other less prevalent languages," says curator for Odense City Museums, Ane Grum-Schwensen.

She adds that new translations regularly appear in the 145 different written languages into which Hans Christian Andersen has been translated so far and that Odense City Museums plans to keep updating the microsite. The ultimate goal is to put as many fairy tales as practicable in different languages on the Internet.


You will find the microsite here!