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People's Literature Publishing House (China)
Project Management: Lin Hua.
"Selected Prose and Poetic Works of H.C. Andersen" is a four-volume publication of selected works by Hans Christian Andersen in Chinese translation by Prof. Lin Hua. Apart from 15 fairytales and stories, the anthology also features "The Fairytale of my Life", 64 poems, the travel book "Pictures of Sweden", Andersen's account of his visit to Dickens, "The King Dreams", "The Mulatto", "Only a Fiddler". A conference was held coinciding with the publication March 2005.
Read about the publication here (only in Chinese).

Hachette/Le Livre de poche (France)
Contact person: Marc Auchet.
"Hans Christian Andersen: Contes et histoires". Marc Auchet, the celebrated American scholar at Paris IV-Sorbonne, has for a number of years studied Danish language and literature, not least Hans Christian Andersen. Marc Auchet's new translation of Andersen, to be published in the Pochothèque series, reflects the highest attainable quality and seeks to do justice to Andersen's stylistic and linguistic virtuosity. The book will without doubt reach a wide French-speaking audience. Andersen readings and other events will be staged coinciding with the publication of the book in March 2005.

Media Rodzina (Poland)
Contact: Boguslawa Sochanska.
The translation into Polish of all of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales. Translation: Boguslawa Sochanska, The Danish Culture Institute, Warsaw. The three-volume publication will feature in the same design as the three-volume cassette of collected works by Hans Christian Andersen published by Gyldendal and the Danish Language and Literature Society.
Will be published December 2005.

The Vagrius Publishing House (Russia)
Contact person: Analolij Chekansky
Translation into Russian of Hans Christian Andersen's collected fairytales and tales including the autobiographies "The Fairytale of my Life" and "Levnedsbogen". The four-volume edition will be illustrated with new Russian illustrations and will be featured in the publisher's classics series. Vagrius is one of Russia's largest commercial publishing houses with great market penetration.
Translators: Analolij Chekansky (ed.), Oleg Rosdetvenskij, Aleksander Sergejev, Tatjana Moskivicheva, Alla Nikolajevskaja.
All 4 volumes will be published August 2005 and is to be presented at the Moscow Book Fair primo September 2005.

Anaya (Spain)
A new edition of Hans Christian Andersen's collected fairytales and tales. The four-volume publication will be issued with new illustrations and four prefaces by the authors Gustavo Martín Garzo, José Merino, Fernando Sávater and Carmen Posadas. An epilogue by Enríque Bernárdez will also be featured, offering an analysis of Hans Christian Andersen's life and work. The four volumes will be illustrated by different Spanish illustrators. The publication will be made available throughout the Spanish-speaking world. In addition, the publisher will issue six small fairytale books aimed at a wider audience.

Donzelli Editore (Italy)
Italian lovers of fairytales can now look forward to a new translation of Hans Christian Andersen's collected fairytales - 156 in all. Italy's leading translator of Danish literature, Bruno Berni, has translated the more than 1000 pages and strives to reflect the characteristic Andersen qualities of melancholy, satire and sharp wit, which is often toned down in translations directed towards children.
On 2 April, Bruno Berni's achievement was acknowledged with the Hans Christian Andersen Award Committee Honorary Award at a ceremony in Odense.
Bruno Berni holds an MA degree in Danish and German and has recently agreed to translate Jens Andersen's Hans Christian Andersen biography into Italian. Bruno Berni has lived and studied in Denmark and speaks fluent Danish.
The Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation has sponsored the publication in Italy, and the book was released in December 2002.

Zhejiang Juvenile and Children's Publishing House (China)
"Andersen for Children" is a translation of Andersen's collected fairytales by the esteemed Chinese children's book translator Ren Rongrong. The work is the most recent and most extensive Andersen anthology in Chinese illustrated by celebrated Chinese artists who render new interpretations and insights into Andersen.

Bankasi Kultur Publishing (Turkey)

Contact person: Handan Akdemir, publisher
The Turkish translator, Murat Alpar, who resides in Denmark, has translated more than 70 of Andersen's fairytales, which are to be published in a two-volume edition in December 2005.

The Royal Library / Dâr al-Mâda (Syria)
Contact person: Stig T. Rasmussen, the Royal Library in Copenhagen
In March 2005, the Syrian publishing house Dâr al-Mâda published a collection of 23 of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales to be issued throughout much of the Arabic-speaking world. Most of the fairytales have never been translated into Arabic before.
An edition of 10 fairytales will be distributed as a free supplement with nine major newspapers in The Lebanon (al-Safîr), Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Iraq (al-Ittihâd, al-Madâ). The translation is illustrated with Vilhelm  Pedersen and Lorenz Frølich's classic illustrations and has been conducted in association with the Judaic Department of the Royal Library in Copenhagen. Duna Ghali is the translator. /

Polar Könyvek (Hungary)

Project Management: Judit Kertész.
"Mesék és történetek felnóttenek". Translator Judit Kertesz will translate Andersen as part of a new anthology, which will present the storyteller in a Hungarian context. The anthology, which was presented 21-24 April in connection with a book fair in Budapest, includes "The Shadow", "The Dryad", "Auntie Toothache", "A Poet's Bazaar", "Donau-Fart" (Sailing on the Danube), and "Liszt" as well as excerpts from "Levnedsbogen" and "The Fairytale of my Life".
The book was published 27 April 2005.

Bankasi Kultur Publihing (Turkey)
Kontakt: Handan Akdemir, editor
"Andersens Tales in Turkish": 70 selected fairytales and stories are translated into Turkish - for the first time directly from Danish. Translator is Murat Alpar who lives and works in Denmark.
The two volumes are scheduled to be published December 2005.

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Penguin Press (UK/US)

The Penguin Press has issued an entirely new translation of 30 selected fairytales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen, edited by Jackie Wullschlager. Translator Tina Nunnally has translated directly from Danish. The book is available in a hardcover edition illustrated with Andersen's own paper cuts and drawings. It is also featured in the Penguin paperback classics series. The publication is available throughout the English-speaking world.
UK: 28 October 2004.
USA: 24 March 2005.

Editrice Il Castoro srl, Milan (Italy)
Project Manager: Director Silvia Pareti.
The Italian version of the Danish children's book on the life of Hans Christian Andersen entitled "Den fattige dreng fra Odense" (The Poor Boy from Odense) was issued in October 2004. Text: Hjørdis Varmer. Illustrations: Lilian Brøgger.  The Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation has sponsored an English edition of the book, which was issued as a promotional trial copy by the Danish publisher ICBS /IBIS.

Patakis Publishers (Greece)
Project Manager: Paola Zagou.
The largest publishing house in Greece has issued an edition of 12 newly translated fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen with illustrations by Sven Otto S., which have formerly been published by Gyldendal. The celebrated puppet theatre Prassein Aloga will during the winter season of 2004 - 05 and the rest of the year tour schools and kindergartens in Greece with a performance based on the fairytales in the book.
The book will be published October 2005.

Iperborea srl, Milan (Italy)
Project Manager: Emilia Lodigiani, editor.
"Peer Fortunato". The Milan publishing house Iperborea srl, which specialises in publishing northern European literature, is to publish an Italian translation of Andersen's last novel, "Lucky Peer", in celebration of the Andersen bicentenary. The novel has not previously been translated into Italian. The book was published April 2005 and is to be presented at La Feltrinelli Libri e Musica, Milan 21 April.

Editorial Gente Nueva (Cuba)
Project Manager: Janet Rayneri Martinez.
The Cuban educational resource publisher Editorial Gente Nueva has published 12 fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen in new Spanish translation. The edition is entitled "La vendedora de fósforos" and will be issued in the Biblioteca Escolar series. The edition features fairytales that are lesser known in Cuba, such as "The Teapot", "The Shirt Collar", and "The Flying Trunk". New illustrations by Raúl Martinez Hernandéz. The publication was issued in 2004, and the 20,000 copies were distributed to schools throughout Cuba.

Dutton Children's Books (USA)
Project Manager: Steve Meltzer, Dutton Children's Books (part of Penguin).
"The Perfect Wizard: Hans Christian Andersen" is an illustrated children's book that portrays Hans Christian Andersen's life and work. The book is written by the famous children's book author Jane Yolen, and artist Dennis Nolan has illustrated the book, which is published in the Dutton Children's Book series.
"Very well-imagined and-integrated" - Kirkus Reviews
Publishing date: 3 February 2005.
Read about the book here

Shogakkan / Medialynx (Japan)
Thirteen Hans Christian Andersen fairytales translated into Japanese and illustrated by thirteen celebrated artists. The edition is produced by Medialynx and published by one of Japan's largest publishers, Shogakkan. The fairytales will be interpreted by popular Japanese authors, among them Eiko Kadono, who is highly acclaimed for his book "Kiki's Delivery Service". The book is aimed at adults as well as children.

Sretnja Knjiga (Croatia)
Project Manager: Jadranka Zderic.
The Croatian publisher will issue a selection of Hans Christian Andersen fairytales in a new translation by Durdica Z. Sørensen.

The BUVIK Publishing House (Slovakia)
Project Manager: Milan Zitny.
The Slovak translator Milan Zitny will translate "The Fairytale of My Life" illustrated by different Slovak artists, including Albín Brunovský, Vincent Hlozník and Dusan Kállay.

UNESCO Moscow (Russia)
Contact: Liubava Moreva, UNESCO Moscow Office.
Under the title "Translations from the Original into National Languages and Publications of the Stories by Hans Christian Andersen", the UNESCO Moscow Office publishes, in cooperation with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, a selection of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales on the so called South Caucasia languages. So far Andersen's fairy tales has been published in Armanian. The Georgian and Azerbaijani editions is expected in June 2005.
Read more about UNESCO Moscow and Andersen here

Yilin Press (China)
Translation of Andersen's collected fairy tales to Chinese. The publication will consist of four volumes of which the first were released January 2005. Zhao Xie is editor on the publication.