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Tivoli Gardens
"Et Tivoli Eventyr" (A Tivoli Fairytale) is an extravaganza of light, music and special effects. At nightfall, 5-meter tall luminous puppets will dance in mid-air over the fountain at Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall as they travel towards the open-air stage. The spectacular puppets, each representing an Andersen fairytale, allow audiences to experience short excerpts of Andersen's stories as they hover past while a narrator conveys the story. The event is the brainchild of Gary Paben and Betina Buckley, both from the US, who are among the most prominent event producers in the world. "A Tivoli Fairytale" will premiere 14 May and will be performed every evening except on Fridays and during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Fonden Fyntour
Project Manager: Fonden Fyntour, rep. by Director Kim Folmann Jørgensen.
"Hans Christian Andersen Tours", created in association with the Fyntour Foundation, offers an extensive travel programme, which features 8 - 10 different Golden Age tours where tourists journey through Denmark in Andersen?s footsteps to visit several of the manors where Andersen stayed and to experience music and entertainment. All-inclusive authentic tours will be on offer where everything from transport to food will reflect the day and age of Andersen.
Odense and the Island of Funen are important programme attractions for general sightseeing and city-breaks as well as conferences and conventions.
The Danish National Museum of Urban History in Aarhus (The Old Town) is also an important feature, offering a reconstructed open-air experience of a Danish provincial town in the day and age of Andersen, including the Eilschous Boliger (Eilschou's Residence). This building was originally located across from Andersen's childhood home in Odense.
"This was the first cultured household in which I found a home," Andersen wrote. Here he visited
Madame Bunkeflod and her sister, two elderly ladies who encouraged him to read Shakespeare and poetry. Here he heard the term 'poet' for the first time. When the building was demolished, it was kept in storage and has now been rebuild stone-by-stone at the urban heritage museum in Aarhus. The house is exoected to open to the public 2 April 2005.

Director Kim Folmann Jørgensen of Fyntour states: "Fyntour initiated The Golden Age Tour programme which offers a chance to see parts of Denmark through the eyes of Hans Christian Andersen - to travel with the storyteller from Copenhagen across West Zealand to Funen. The aim is to give travellers as authentic an experience as possible. Reflecting this, the programme features visits to places where Andersen stayed and offers the same means of transport as used by the poet himself (wooden sailings ships/stage coaches and horse drawn carriages). The tours will feature entertainment as well as first-class accommodation and catering. The tours can furthermore be customised to requirement, and currently a programme is on offer that includes Jutland and the Old Town of Aarhus. Our contribution to the (Andersen, ed.) celebration offers a wide spectre of authentic tours across most of Denmark to places where Andersen stayed and which are still accessible today; tours that all contribute to promoting the wider awareness of Andersen. We are also working on gaining access to Andersen-related locations otherwise closed to the public,"

The Odense City Museums / The Funen Village
"Once Upon A Time". With Hans Christian Andersen as travel companion, the tour of the urban heritage museum in Odense, called The Funen Village, offers striking insight into 19th-century rural life in Denmark. The drastic changes to rural and urban life in Denmark experienced in Andersen's lifetime still have bearing on modern living in Denmark today as well as our sense of national identity.
The Funen Village has in relation to the widening of its activities incorporated a number of activities focusing on Hans Christian Andersen.
1. The village environment will be conveyed to visitors via storytelling by actors.
2. Daily readings of Hans Christian Andersen in the international languages.
Period: 15 June - 31 August 2005. The programme will be continued after the Andersen bicentenary.
Further information here

WOCO (Wonderful Copenhagen) / Copenhagen Eventures
Project Management: Copenhagen Eventures, rep. by Martin Bender (WOCO).
On Saturday 3 September, a major Hans Christian Andersen parade will take place in Copenhagen marking Andersen's arrival in the city on 6 September 1819. The parade, which will feature a finale concert, will be inspired by grand international parades, such as the Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Rio carnival. Hundreds of children along the route will be dressed as their favourite fairytale characters, such as small princesses, tin soldiers, ducklings, etc. The event will be broadcasted live on national Danish television, DR1.

Golden Days in Copenhagen
Project Manager: Ulla Tofte, Secretary General of Golden Days in Copenhagen.
"Face to Face with Andersen". The project, hosted by Golden Days in Copenhagen, will take place on streets, public squares and historical buildings where people go about their everyday business. The main feature will be 50 Hans Christian Andersen portraits and quotes exhibited on display board on buildings once frequented by Andersen. The project allows the storyteller to be visually highlighted throughout the city and grants the general public easy access to stories and knowledge related to specific Andersen-related places in town. Further information as well as Andersen's own descriptions of the localities will be available via cell-phone, audio-guide and on the Internet. Weekly after-work events will be staged related to Andersen between 1 April and 3 September 2005.

På X og tværs af H. C. Andersen - Festival in Odense
Project Manager: Artistic Director Anders Nyborg.
"På X og tværs af H.C. Andersen" (Crisscrossing Andersen) is the title of a summer festival in Odense to be staged from 24 June to 2 September 2005. The festival features everything from fairground entertainment, workshops, jam sessions and Andersen readings to major international concerts and will help focus international attention on Funen and Andersen's hometown. Events will be held in Odense's public parks, Kongens Have, Eventyrhaven and Flakhaven, as well as a number of public squares.

The Hans Christian Andersen Parade, rep. by Torben Iversen
The Hans Christian Andersen Parade has for twelve years running added spice to events, meetings and conferences with their enchanted show headed by actor Torben Iversen. The show will be re-developed with new music and new big-screen set design.

The Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market in Odense
Project Manager: Torben Iversen.
In 2005, the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market, which was first launched in 2004, will be staged in Andersen's old neighbourhood in Odense in association with local cafés, restaurants, museums, and hotels, etc. The Christmas market is a family event featuring a number of open-air Yuletide stalls and events at local institutions, such as at the Tinderbox Children's Culture Centre and the Hans Christian Andersen Museum.
Saturdays and Sundays 3,4 and 10, and 11 December.  

The Danish Outdoor Council
"Hans Christian Andersen was here - Fairytale Tracks in the Danish Landscape". The project aims at identifying and creating public access to a number of areas in the Danish countryside that were of special inspiration to Andersen. In late May, approx. 50 locations will have been located and marked out as "Hans Christian Andersen Locations". Relevant signage will be established conveying information on the significance of the location in relation to Andersen. Information will furthermore be made available on the Internet. Partners: Fyntour, Østdansk Turisme, Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond, etc.
Magasin du Nord
An old garret in a house on Vingårdstræde in Copenhagen (now part of the Magasin du Nord Department Store) where Hans Christian Andersen lived from 1827 to 1829 has been converted into a museum in collaboration with the Odense City Museums. Here you can experience Andersen's currently only accessible Copenhagen dwelling. The museum is to feature a collection of Hans Christian Andersen's personal belongings, which not only render insight into his own life but also into the life of the city he held so dear.
The exhibition opened 15 November 2004. /

The Hans Christian Andresen 2005 Committee in Skælskør
Project Manager: Master of the Royal Hunt, Count Ulrich Holstein-Holsteinborg.
The Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Committee in the town of Skælskør has since the summer of 2000 sponsored a large number of projects marking the Andersen bicentenary locally. The events including tourist-related initiatives at the local manor farms Basnæs and Holsteinsborg, which Andersen often visited, as well as concerts, opera and theatre performances, exhibitions, tours and public lectures.
One of the highlights of the Andersen bicentenary will be a festival with nationwide appeal held at Skælskør Folkehøjskole 31 July - 5 August 2005.
In early 2005, a printed programme will be issued covering the bicentennial projects in the vicinity of Skælskør.

Logo Cooperations

Frydenlund Publishing House
Manager: Jan Gralle
A practical city guide in Danish to contemporary Copenhagen that brings Hans Christian Andersen and his oeuvre to life. The book, entitled "På tur gennem H.C. Andersens København", features city walks to places that Andersen either described in his fairytales or writing or which inspired him. The book, which is magnificently illustrated with watercolours, is aimed at the public at large as well as secondary and upper-secondary schoolchildren. The book is sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Education.
The book is published May 2005.

The Alicante Tourist Board (Spain)
Manager: Maria Jose Rico Llorca, Tourism Councillor of Alicante.
The Alicante Tourist Board in Spain will celebrate the Andersen bicentenary by publishing a brochure enabling visitors to follow in Andersen's footsteps. Hans Christian Andersen described his visit to the town in his travel book "In Spain". Alicante, which lies on the south-eastern coast of Spain, is a major tourist destination in Europe.