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JVB Odense
Project Responsible: Hans Thomsen.
"Andersens Drømme - Live på Brandts". (Andersen's Dreams - Live at Brandt's). With starting point in Danish musician Nikolaj Nørlund's cd-release "Andersens Drømme" 23 May 2005 a series of live concerts is arranged at Amfiscenen, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense C, during the summer 2005. Artists taking part on the record visit Odense, as well as other well-known Danish musicians, when "Andersens Drømme - Live på Brandts" opens 21 May 2005.
Last concert is taking place 12 August 2005.
See the entire programme at:

Åh Abe! / Muskelsvindfonden
Contact: The Danish Muscular Atrophy Foundation.
This year's children's concert programme hosted by the Danish Muscular Atrophy Foundation, lasting a full hour longer than their regular annual concerts, celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Danish children's programme Åh Abe. The concert features the coolest music for children in their early teens and great entertainment for young children including a number of their popular acts.
As always, the concert stars Sigurd Barrett and Bjørnen Bjørn. But this year Sigurd will entertain very special guests - Danish children's programme characters Kaj and Andrea - who will join Sigurd Barrett in celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen. As newly appointed Hans Christian Andersen Ambassador, Sigurd Barrett will also feature as host of the show alongside Vera from TV and will introduce the different acts.
On stage are B Boys, Anne Gadegaard, Mek Pek and Habbasutterne, Alberte, Maria Bramsen, Martin Brygmann, Morten Remar, Line, Cozy, g-beat, Amalie and Frederikke. Celebrating the Andersen bicentenary, an extra stage will feature at the concert.
There will be fun and enchanted entertainment throughout the day with, among others, Dr. Pjuskebusk, Lotte, Bulder and Fie from the children's programme "Fredagsbio" as well as HC Andersen Eventyrteater (Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale Theatre).

Concert dates 2005
Aarhus 4 June
Odense 5 June
Copenhagen 11 June
Børkop 12 June
All days 10:30 am - 5:30 pm

The 46th Choir Singing Contest from Coast to Coast
"Den 46. Sangerdyst fra kyst til kyst". The contest finals of the 46th Choir Singing Contest will be inspired by the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen, featuring the fairytale "What the Old Man Does is Always Right" adapted as a choral work by Danish composer Jens Johansen. The choral work will be accompanied by Fyns Amt Ungdoms Bigband (Funen County Youth Big Band). Additionally, a professional vocal soloist will accompany the eleven Danish children?s choirs and two youth choirs that have qualified for the finals at two run-up contests. More than 350 singers will take part in the finals, which will take place at the Carl Nielsen Hall at the Odense Concert Hall on Saturday 9 April 2005.

Tiger Lillies (UK)
Contact: Karin Dix.
"The Little Matchgirl". The stark raving mad English trio, Tiger Lillies, will host a Victorian vaudeville based on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Matchgirl". This tragic little story perfectly reflects the orchestra's inclination towards the dark sides of life as reflected in their uncanny and obscure salon macabre. An evening with the London orchestra Tiger Lillies whisks you back to the cabaret halls of 1920s Berlin. Their stories are eccentric and poetic and full of magic and dark humour. Their style harks back to Victorian music hall entertainment and smoky speakeasies. Singer and songwriter Martin Jacques's eerie high-pitched voice is accompanied by a conked-out bass, a diabolical accordion, and the remains of a drum set. Tiger Lillies leads their audience through their macabre, sacrilegious and off-beat shows with a sense of magic, a dose of love and wild imagination. From being a well kept secret and cult phenomenon, the Tiger Lillies performances have become crowd-pullers in a large number of countries, not least following their major success with their weird - and frightfully funny - rendition of the rhymed children's book "Struwwelpeter".
The show will be staged at:
20, 22, and 23 August 2005 - The Betty Nansen Theatre, Copenhagen - in association with KIT, Copenhagen International Theatre.
25 August - Magasinet, Odense.
27 and 28 August - Musikhuset Aarhus, during the Aarhus Festival.

Auditorium / Nikolaj Nørlund / "Andersens Drømme"
Project manager: Nikolaj Nørlund
Last year, Nikolaj Nørlund enjoyed great success with his rendition of 16 Cohen songs in Danish released on an album entitled "På danske læber - 16 Leonard Cohen-sange i danske fortolkninger" (On Danish Lips - 16 Cohen Songs in Danish Interpretation). This year, he releases the CD "Andersens Drømme" (Andersen's Dreams), featuring 7 musicians and more than 11 outstanding performers from the Nordic countries, including Alberte, Claus Hempler, Mikael Simpson, Henriette Sennenwaldt, Signe Høirup, Niels Skousen, Maria Friis, Peter Sommer, Povl Dissing, Teitur and Thomas Öberg. The lyrics for are adaptations of a number of the dreams Andersen experienced andthat he wrote of himself. Among the contributing lyricists are Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Lone Hørslev, Peter Laugesen, Pia Juul, Naja Marie Aidt, Katrine Marie Guldager, Jørgen Leth, Lars Skinnebach, Håkan Sandell and Thomas Öberg. The CD will be released in mid-May 2005.
In connection with the opening weekend of the Hans Christian Andersen bicentenary on 2 April 2005, a free concert was staged at the Amfiscenen at Brandts Klædefabrik in Odense. "Andersens Drømme" was also staged on 11 and 12 April at the Concert Hall Aarhus (Musikhus Aarhus) Main Stage. "Andersen's Dreams" will also be part of the "Rock at Rosenborg" benefit concert at Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen August 27, organized by Save the Children, Denmark.
The record is released 23 May 2005. /

Logo Cooperation

H.C. Anderledes
Project Manager: Henrik Fiig.
"H.C. Anderledes" (Hans Christian Alternative). A CD for children where Danish actors and singers perform newly composed songs inspired by a wide selection of Andersen's fairytales. Contributing artists: Henrik Fiig, Frits Helmuth, Kirsten Siggaard, Pernille Schrøder, John Martinus, Marianne Mortensen, Peter Jorde, Christian Bjørg Nielsen, Karsten Jansfort and Caspar Phillipson. Text and music: Henrik Fiig. Musicians: Nils Kaufmanas, Hans Fagt, Troels Skovgaard and Jon Bruland.
Released 4 November 2004.

Fredericia Railway Orchestra
Contact person: Gert Jensen
Fredericia Jernbaneorkester (The Fredericia Railway Orchestra) is the largest of its kind in Denmark and was established in 1953. The orchestra has toured most of Europe, and in celebration of the Andersen bicentenary the orchestra will perform "En eventyrlig aften" (An Enchanted Evening) at Fredericia Theatre on 19 March at 7 pm. The event will feature poems, stories, vocal and music. Contributing artists apart from the orchestra: soprano Lise Nees, singer and actor Jesper Buhl, and actor at Odense Theatre Peder Dahlgaard, who will host the show. The orchestra will be conducted by Erik Hammerbak.
Ticket sales will open on 1 March at the following stores: "Butikken" Erritsø, Vestcentrets Herretøj (Merkurvænget), Profiloptik (Danmarksgade) and at the railway ticket office in Fredericia.

Groove Lily (USA)
Contact: Ben Carrizzo, Command Performance

?Striking 12?. ?Striking 12? is the New York based pop band Groove Lily?s theatre concert based on Hans Christian Andersen?s fairytale ?The Little Matchgirl?. Script by playwright Rachel Sheinkin and direction by Ted Sperling, both recipients of Tony Awards in 2005.
Groove Lily members are Gene Lewin, Valerie Vigoada and Brendan Milburn. Hans Christian Andersen 2005 has established a logo collaboration with Groove Lily in connection with the upcoming Off Broadway premiere of ?Striking 12? in November / December 2005. The show premiered in San Francisco in 2003 and has been very favourably received:
?They created "Striking" ... to escape the strains of one-night-stand gigs and be able to settle in one place for the holidays. Their success in achieving that goal is a holiday gift for all of us. (San Francisco Chronicle, 12/2004).
?In the quest for an ideal holiday entertainment for adults, "Striking 12" strikes gold. (Los Angeles Times, 12/2003)
A CD containing the songs of the show is available.
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