Financially Supported by HCA2005

Statens Museum for Kunst
Project Manager: Statens Museum for Kunst, represented by Director Allis Helleland.
The Danish national gallery, Statens Museum for Kunst, will host a major exhibition entitled "Her i Italien" H.C. Andersen og guldaldermalerne" (Here in Italy - Hans Christian Andersen and the Golden Age Painters), which traces the young Andersen's first travel to Italy in 1833-34. It was during this formative journey Andersen discovered himself as a man and an artist.
The national gallery collections feature a wealth of art works by Romanticist painters that illustrate the poets travel route from Simplon and Brenner over Florence and Rome to Naples. The collections include works by Danish painters such as Jørgen Roed, Martinus Rørbye, Christen Købke and Vilhelm Marstrand, who have depicted the exact same motifs described by the poet in his novels, travelogues, travel books and letters. The exhibition alternates between paintings, drawings and quotes by Andersen. The curators, Hans Edvard Nørregaard-Nielsen and Jacob Jørgensen, have adopted a novel form of presentation and incorporate images of modern-day Italy in the form of still photos and excerpts from Hans Edvard Nørregaard-Nielsen's upcoming film "Jeg så det land" (I Saw that Country).
A book will be published in English and Danish coinciding with the exhibition. Furthermore, the museum will stage a number of events and educational activities related to the exhibition including ballet performances, public lectures, and public readings.
The exhibition will be on show 12 February - 12 June 2005  

The Museum of International Ceramic Art, Denmark
The Museum of International Ceramic Art will host a seminar at the museum?s research centre, Guldagergård, in the town of Skælskør from 4 July to 31 August 2005. The seminar will focus on international contemporary ceramic art in relation to Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales.
The seminar will feature as part of a symposium, which will also include a two-month work shop stay as well as a number of lectures. The seminar seeks to encourage a wide international dialogue on the opportunities and inspiration offered to ceramic art by narrative in general and Hans Christian Andersen in particular. The lectures and workshops will feature philosophical, theoretical and professional issues. The visiting artists, authors and theorists will offer their personal and professional insight into the subjects. The visiting artist attending the symposium are Richard Notkin, Justin Novak, and Katy Rush from the USA, Philip Eglin, Steve Mattison from Hungary, Ilona Romule from Latvia, Hana Pubkrabkova from the Czech Republic, and Louise Hindsgavl from Denmark.
The artwork inspired by Hans Christian, Andersen resulting from the two-month symposium will be exhibited under the title "Ceramic Poetry" at the Museum of International Ceramic Art (18 September - 27 November 2005) and at the International Ceramic Research Centre " Denmark (September 2005). The exhibition will later be featured in other Nordic and European countries. Partners: the Danish Culture Institutes in Warsaw and Latvia and the Ceramic Studio of Kecskemet, Hungary. /

United Exhibits Group
Project Manager: Director of the United Exhibits Group, Teit Ritzau.
"The Greatest Fairy Tale" is a captivating narrative that journeys through Hans Christian Andersen's life and fairytales told with the author's own words and imagery. Integrated interactive features bring this enchanted world to life, inviting visitors to create their own personal fairytale based on the fabulous world of Hans Christian Andersen. The basic storyline is supported by a collection of original artefacts, which include personal belongings, manuscripts, drawings and paper cuts. "The Greatest Fairy Tale" presents Hans Christian Andersen's life from childhood to world fame as a number of thematically ordered episodes. Vignettes and poetical transitions bridge historical reality with the realm of fairytales and create a mirror image of Andersen's unique soul and restless heart - an emphatic homage to a visionary poet.
The exhibition is designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates, New York, and is scheduled to tour major museums worldwide in the years to come. Danish Andersen scholars Johannes Møllehave, Niels Birger Wamberg and Jens Andersen are exhibition consultants. The exhibition will open at Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen on 8 May 2005 and will be featured in Edinburgh in early October.

The Royal Library / The National Museum of Photography
Project Manager: Director Erland Kolding Nielsen, The Royal Library.
A major art and heritage exhibition entitled "Shadow images - Hans Christian Andersen's Journey to Dresden and Saxon Switzerland 1831" will focus on the mountains of Saxon Switzerland as seen through the eyes of the poet, the painter and the photographer. Hans Christian Andersen's first grand European tour brought him to Germany, 16 May - 23 June 1831. Andersen was passionate in keeping a travelogue, and on his return he wrote an extensive travel book on his impressions. The exhibition at the National Museum of Photography will be subdivided into two areas: a visual part with paintings by Casper David Friedrich and the circle of artists to which he belonged and photographs by Hermann Krone. The other part will be an audio-section featuring readings of Hans Christian Andersen's travelogue entries, etc. Following the exhibition at the National Museum of Photography in Copenhagen (11 March - 28 May 2005), the exhibition will travel to the Münchner Stadtmuseum and the Stadtmuseum Dresden. / /

The Odense City Museums
Project Managing: Bodil Cronin.
Touring exhibition/ Film production. A new generation of touring exhibitions has been developed with inspiration from the HCA 2005 design programme and featured in all the official languages of the 2005 Hans Christian Andersen bicentenary (Danish, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese). The Odense City Museums' touring exhibition is based on existing text and image material from the museums featured alongside display boards that communicate the vision, aim and partners of the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation. The aim is to promote the wider awareness and appreciation of the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen. The exhibition was first launched in the summer of 2004. A 15-minute introductory biographical film on the life of Hans Christian Andersen has been produced on DVD to feature with the exhibition and to be screened at the new Hans Christian Andersen Museum. The film builds on the universal fascination of Andersen.
The touring exhibition will visit the following 42 countries:
Algeria (French), Australia (English), Belgium (French) EU, Bosnia-Herzegovina (English), Bulgaria (English), Bolivia (Spanish), Brazil (Portuguese), Canada (English and French), Chile  (Spanish), Denmark /Greenland, England (English), Estonia (Russian) EU, Finland (Danish/English) EU, France (French) EU, The Netherlands (Dutch) EU, Ireland (English) EU, Japan (Japanese), China (Chinese), Korea (English), Croatia (English), Latvia (English) EU, Lichtenstein (German), Luxembourg (French) EU, Malta (English) EU, Mexico (Spanish), Nicaragua (Spanish), Norway (Danish/English), Poland (Polish) EU, Portugal (Portuguese) EU, Russia (Russian), Switzerland (German), Serbia-Montenegro (English), Singapore (English), Scotland (English) EU, Spain (Spanish) EU, Sweden (Danish) EU, The Czech Republic (Czech) EU, Germany (German) EU, Hungary (English), the USA (English), Vietnam (English), Austria (German) EU.

The Royal Library
Project Manager: Knud Arne Jürgensen, opera and ballet historian at the Royal Library.
The main feature exhibition at the Royal Library in Copenhagen during the Andersen bicentenary, entitled "Hans Christian Andersen and the Theatre", focuses on lesser-known aspects of Hans Christian Andersen, such as his relationship with the performing arts. The exhibition highlights the relationship between Andersen, I.P.E. Hartmann and August Bournonville (who were all born in 1805) but 'lesser geniuses' from the world of ballet and music will also be featured. The exhibition, which draws on the collections of the Royal Library as well as those of other institutions abroad and in Denmark, will be on show between 11 March and 22 October 2005 at the extension to the Royal library, the Black Diamond.  

Tidens Samling
"H.C. Andersen i øjenhøjde" (Hans Christian Andersen at Eye-level). The Odense museum Tidens Samling, which is housed at the art museum Brandts Klædefabrik, will host an exhibition reflecting how Andersen has become integrated in the everyday life of Danes: on jam jars, children's night lights, match boxes, calendars, and needlework - the kind of things generally not exhibited at museums and often deemed to compromise good taste - will be featured at the exhibition alongside a "Dressing up corner" and a "Guess a Fairytale" area. The exhibition is scheduled for 2 April - 23 September 2005.   

Odense Cathedral
Project Manager: Bent A. Koch, churchwarden at Odense Cathedral.
The exhibition "H.C. Andersen og Kirken" (Hans Christian Andersen and the Church) will be on show in the northern transept of the cathedral, which is generally used for exhibitions. During the Andersen bicentenary, a display board exhibition will be featured focusing on Andersen's relationship with the church and with faith. Imagery will be displayed of Skt. Hans kirke (the church of Saint John) where Andersen was baptised, and Skt. Knuds kirke (the church of Saint Knut) where he was confirmed as well as churches in Copenhagen of significance to Andersen. The exhibition will also exhibit selected diary entries, psalms and fairytales that highlight his Christianity as well as excerpts of scholarly papers on the subject. The exhibition committee comprises pastor Johannes Esbech, former curator Niels Oxenvad, churchwarden Bent A. Koch and city archivist Jørgen Thomsen. The exhibition opens on 3 April 2005 and will be open to the public throughout the summer until 30 September.   

Holbæk Museum / Koldinghus / Altonaer Museum (Denmark/ Germany)
"H.C. Andersen og legetøjet" (Hans Christian Andersen and Toys). The exhibition focuses on Andersen?s relationship with toys as represented by his fairytales and the childhood realm of the 19th century. We all know Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales, but not everyone knows the toys mentioned in the tales. Children of today and their parents are invited on a time travel from the familiar world of toys today to the enchanted toys of Hans Christian Andersen: the spinning top, the ball, the tin soldier, etc.
The museum has forged ties with Holbæk Theatre in a new form of cultural partnership with the aim of conveying the world of toys in the day and age of Andersen. It is not about nostalgia but rather a clash between the past and present where Andersen reaches across time and culture in a living and engaging museum setting.
The exhibition will feature a number of hands-on activities as well as web-based resources. The exhibition opened on 10 February 2005 and will close on 5 June and will be featured at the Koldinghus museum from 18 June to 23 October 2005 and at the Altonaer Museum in Hamburg, Germany, from 9 November 2005 to 29 January 2006. / /

The British Library (UK)
"Fairytale Childhoods - Hans Christian Andersen in Victorian Britain". In addition to celebrating Hans Christian Andersen's contribution to children's literature, this touring exhibition seeks to survey the British reception of the poet - how his authorship influenced the Victorian perception of the child and childhood. The exhibition is suited for the whole family. A conference will be hosted in connection with the exhibition.
20 May - 2 October 2005. 

Association de Amigos del Libro Infantil y Juvenil (Spain)
A publication accompanying the Spanish touring exhibition on Hans Christian Andersen in Spain ("Viaje por España"), which in turn is based on Andersen's own travel book "In Spain". The publication features exhibition documentation, such as photos and images of the people and places Andersen encountered on his journey.
The exhibition opened in Malaga where it was on show between December 2003 and January 2004. It featured in Madrid during the summer of 2004 and in Murcia during the autumn. Between 15 February and 21 March 2005, the exhibition will be on display in Santa Cruz on Tenerife, and in April 2005 it will feature in Curuña.

Logo Cooperations

Medialynx (Japan)

The major Japanese publishing house Medialynx has organised publications, competitions, and exhibitions (including an exhibition featuring Danish Andersen illustrations) in Japan, China, and Korea. Among their partners is the Nami Island theme park in South Korea.
Medialynx has also organised the "Andersen Bicentenary Exhibition", which will be featured at 7 venues in Japan and 2 venues in Korea from May 2005 to April 2006. The "Andersen Bicentenary Exhibition" consists of the Japanese version of the touring exhibition on Hans Christian Andersen created by the Odense City Museums exhibited alongside original Hans Christian Andersen artefacts on loan from the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense. The artefacts include Andersen's original pen, ink well, and the manuscript for his poem "Fyn" (Funen).
In addition, the exhibition features works by 20 contemporary artists including the celebrated Japanese illustrator, Mitsumasa Anno. The 20 artists are all recipients of the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award, which is awarded to illustrators and children's book authors every second year by the International Book on Books for Young People

Kulturen i Lund (Sweden)
Contact person: Karolina Falkheimer, Chief information officer at Kulturen i Lund.

Fairytales, Silhouettes, and Collages
Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales, paper silhouettes, and collages will be used in different educational context to inspire children, 22 - 25 February.

Hans Christian Andersen's Wonderful Journey to Sweden
Public lectures celebrating the Andersen bicentenary. The cantata "Studenten fra Lund" with lyrics by Hans Christian Andersen and music by Jacob Hägg will be performed by leading national Swedish choirs. The event, which takes place on 10 April, is co-hosted by the Centre for the Study of Denmark at Lund University.

Jeg er student fra Lund
The exhibition in Lund entitled "Jeg er student fra Lund" (I am a Student from Lund), focuses on Andersen's visit to Lund in 1840 and his later visit in 1865. The exhibition will highlight how Andersen was entertained by the students of Lund with singing and speeches in such a manner that he was never to forget them. Some years later, Andersen wrote a poem on these memories entitled "I am a Student from Lund". This poem was later set to music and performed by the student choir. The exhibition also renders insight into what the town of Lund looked like in Andersen's day, and what took place there between 1840 and 1865. The exhibition will open on 29 May and will close on 28 August.
During the Andersen bicentenary, Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales will be staged as open-air performances at the museum. Playwright Jan Mark has made his mark on preparations.

Isabel Froes / Andreas Brøgger (Brazil)
Project Manager: Isabel Froes / Andreas Brøgger.
"Hans Christian Andersen - A World of Imagination" is an exhibition on the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen scheduled for Rio de Janeiro. The family exhibition offers simple but very varied interactive features conveying the life and authorship of Hans Christian Andersen in an entertaining and engaging way.

Accent - a conceptual journey in the works of Hans Christian Andersen
Project Manager: Susanne Danig, Copenhagen County.
Copenhagen County, Brændstof and Roskilde County in association with the Museum for Contemporary Art in Roskilde has developed a project featuring seven experimental video artworks by artists of foreign background living in Denmark who offer their own relationship to Andersen in 10-15 minute videos. "Accent" will be on show at the Museum of Contemporary Art between 12 March and 3 April 2005 after which it will be featured at different exhibition venues in the County of Copenhagen in connection with public debate events. An exhibition in Sweden is also scheduled in association Galleri Gertrud in Malmö. Khaled Ramadan is exhibition curator.

Kulturhistorisk Museum Randers
Project Manager: Director Jørgen Schmidt-Jensen.
"I Eventyrets Land" (In the Land of Fairytale). The exhibition project at the heritage museum in the town of Randers is subdivided into two separate exhibitions and an activity area featuring, among other things, a sensual exhibition of original artefacts from the day and age of Andersen in a fairytale setting allowing visitors to wander about. Children's activities are also planned during daytime hours. 29 January - 28 August 2005.

Helicon Group
Project Manager: Claus Frimand, Helicon Group.
A special exhibition on Hans Christian Andersen and photography with photographic portraits of Hans Christian Andersen based on Henrik Poulsen's book "Det Rette Udseende" (An Appropriate Appearance) published by Hans Reitzels. 50 selected photos represented as photoengraving will be accompanied by captions and anecdotes from the book. On show at the Øregaard Museum in Hellerup from 15 April. /