Financially Supported by HCA2005

The Zagreb Public Library Service (Croatia)
Project Manager: MA Ranka Javor, Director of the Croatian Centre for Children's Literature.
"Good Day, Mr. Andersen". The Zagreb Public Library Service, the Croatian Centre for Children's Literature and a host of other institutions have scheduled activities for all age groups throughout 2005.
The international touring exhibition developed by the Odense City Museums will feature at the National and University Library of Zagreb between 20 January and 20 February 2005. The touring exhibition will be followed by an art exhibition with original Andersen illustrations by the internationally acclaimed Croatian illustrators Svjetlan Junakovic, Dubravka Kolanovic, Andrea Petrlik-Huseinovic and Manuela Vladic-Mastruko.
A creative workshop will be hosted between January and March 2005 that focuses on the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen. The workshop will adopt both a visual and literary approach and will be attended by librarians, teachers and parents.
On the bicentennial anniversary of Andersen's birth, 2 April, Andersen will be celebrated with a performance of "The Little Mermaid" at the Zagreb Puppet Theatre followed by an award ceremony for Best Essay and Best Illustration entered by children from all over Croatia. Furthermore, the new Croatian Andersen translation will be presented by the publishing house Mozaik knijga. The new edition of Andersen's fairytales will be illustrated by the Croatian illustrators Svjetlan Junakovic and Dubravka Kolanovic. The event with the exception of the award ceremony will be repeated at the international children's festival in Sibenik in June/July.
In May, an international conference will be presented on the subject of "The Life and Work of Hans Christian Andersen" in association with the Teacher's College and a number of university faculties in Croatia and Slovenia. Danish scholars will also attend. The aim of the conference is to promote the public awareness among children and adults alike of Andersen himself as well as the academic approach to the storyteller. In Croatia, not a single monographic work has been published on Hans Christian Andersen.
Yet another feature of "Good Day Mr. Andersen" is a national quiz competition promoting reading among children in Croatia as well as Croatian children abroad. Mozaik Knjiga will be the main host of the competition, which will take place between September and November.
As a closing event, a ballet performance of Andersen's fairytale "The Ugly Duckling" will be staged at the Tresnja City Theatre in connection with the international book fair Interliber. Furthermore, an award ceremony will be held for the winners of the quiz competition.
The entire project will be followed by Croatian media, such as newspapers, weekly magazines, radio and TV.

The Danish Fund for the Promotion, Co-operation and Exchange of Culture between Denmark and Vietnam
The foundation will host a number of activities related to the Andersen bicentenary:
1) Two evenings with public lectures and entertainment by Vietnamese and Danish scholars. Additionally, the ballet "The Little Mermaid" will be performed by the Vietnam Performing Arts Association. The events will take place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
2) The publication of Andersen fairytales in Braille.
3) A number of competitions for elementary and upper-secondary schoolchildren (essays and storytelling)
4) The publication of selected fairytales

The Vienna City Museum (Austria)
The museum will feature the touring exhibition created by the Odense City Museums in addition to an exhibition on Andersen and the city of Vienna based on Prof. Sven Hakon Rossel's book on the subject. Readings of Andersen?s works will also be staged by actors from Burgtheater.

The Danish Culture Institute (Hungary)
Last year the Danish Culture Institute in Hungary hosted a conference for elementary and upper-secondary schoolteachers with the aim of stimulating interest in the Hungarian version of the educational resources developed by the Danish Centre for Children's Literature. The conference were organised in close collaboration with the Hungarian Ministry of Education.

The University of Edinburgh (UK)
An international Andersen symposium is to be hosted by the School of European Languages and Cultures (University of Edinburgh) in association with the University College London and the University of East Anglia. The symposium will focus on international aspects of Hans Christian Andersen's life and work and on the international reception of his authorship. Symposium papers will later be published. Six internationally acclaimed Andersen scholars have been invited to speak at the two-day symposium, which is scheduled for the middle of March 2005. 

The University of Sofia (Bulgaria)
"The Unknown Hans Christian Andersen". A two-day conference on Andersen attended by scholars from Denmark, Eastern Europe and the Baltic Region.
The conference will be followed up by the publication of a book in both Bulgarian and English. Other events coinciding with the conference:
- An exhibition on the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen featured in the University's foyer including original illustrations by Bulgarian artists.
- A nationwide children?s drawing competition
- A nationwide essay competition entitled "My Hans Christian Andersen" for the young aged 17 - 23. A jury will select a winner who may win a trip to Denmark.
- A grand Andersen evening event at the National Palace of Culture featuring readings and music. The event will be presided over by the First Lady of Bulgaria, Mrs. Zorka Parvanova.

The Swiss Fairytale Society (Switzerland)
The Swiss Fairytale Society, Schweizerische Märchengesellschaft, will host a one-day conference on Andersen on the bicentennial anniversary of his birth, 2 April. The conference features lectures, readings and performances of excerpts from Andersen's singspiel ballads "A Village Story" and "Agnete and the Merman" by members of the ensemble Opera Sacra. The event will take place at the chamber music hall at Kongresshaus Zürich, 10:15 am - 5:15 pm, 2 April 2005.
The Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center (USA)
For half a century, the Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center has staged Andersen fairytale readings during the summer in Central Park, New York. In 2005, the centre will expand its activities and will seek to promote the educational resources made available by the Danish Centre for Children's Literature in association with the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation.

Logo Cooperations

The Gender Bender Festival (Italy)
Project Manager: Daniele del Pozzo.
The Gender Bender Festival investigated Hans Christian Andersen and gender. A number of international Andersen scholars, among them Dag Heede from the University of Southern Denmark, took part in the symposium on the latest Andersen research. Theatre performances and films were featured at the event, which took place 29 October - 3 November 2004. The festival was organised in joint collaboration with the University of Bologna and with support from the city of Bologna.

KBBY  (South Korea)
Project Manager: Tae Lyon Kim.
"The Book Island Festival for Children 2005". The Korean Association for the New Generations (KBBY) was established in 1981 and aims at improving children's welfare and promoting education. A number of small exhibitions and other activities, such as Andersen readings, have been scheduled for the festival held at 'The Fairytale Island' at the Nami Island theme park. In addition, three nationwide Andersen competitions for the young will be hosted by the KBBY from 1 April to 9 July 2005. Among the competitions are essay, music and painting competitions.

Efteling (Holland)
With 3.2 million annual visitors, Efteling is Holland's largest fairytale park. In 2005, Efteling will highlight Hans Christian Andersen with three activities:
1. A musical adaptation of Andersen's "The Little Mermaid", which was staged between 17 November 2004 and January 2005.
2. Staging of "The Little Matchgirl", which has been featured at the Efteling Fairytale Forest since 11 December 2004
3. For the fifth consecutive year, Efteling will award the Efteling Anton Pieck Prize. A competition will be hosted where Dutch schoolchildren are encouraged to write a new fairytale. The competition material will focus on Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales. The first prize will be euro 10,000, second prize will be euro 5,000, and the third prize will be euro 2,500. A video competition will also be hosted for school classes where the winning entry will be screened on the KRO TV programme Tiens Plus!!! Register for the competition by 11 March 2005. The award ceremony will take place 13 May 2005.

BalkanKult (Serbia)
Project Manager: Ana Krstic.
Balkankult will host a major Hans Christian Andersen programme covering Serbia-Montenegro featuring theatre, art, literature and TV. Among the cultural events are a children's theatre performance, an essay competition for the young, a documentary programme and an Ex-libris competition inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's travel books and travelogues from the area.

Murzilka (Russia)
February 2005 the Russian magazine Murzilka issued a Hans Christian Andersen feature series with articles on Denmark, the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation, the towns of Odense and Copenhagen as well as crossword puzzles based on Andersen's fairytales. Moreover, a number of children's competitions were hosted in association with The Tinderbox Children's Culture Centre in Odense, which resulted in the publishing of a number of children's drawings by Danish and Russian schoolchildren.

Hans Christian Andersen in Gothenburg (Sweden)
Project Manager: Tina Lundberg, Tel.: +46 736-222224, e-mail:
"H.C. Andersen 2005 program i Göteborg" (The Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Programme in Gothenburg) is the title of an Andersen festival to be held in Gothenburg, featuring film, theatre and opera performances, with the aim of bringing different generations together. The festival is organised by Tina Lundberg, Hans Kristian Simensen and Lars Dahlquist.

The Baltic Sea Culture Center (Poland)
Project Manager: Ania Knoch.
The Baltic Sea Culture Center in Poland will celebrate the Andersen bicentenary in 2005 with a number of theatre and concert performances, public debate events and Andersen readings as well as children's competitions. The events will take place between May and December.

Fez-Berlin (Germany)
Contact person: Martin Schneider, email:
A creative book illustration competition for 1-6 grade schoolchildren. The competition will be based on the lesser-known Andersen fairytales "The Elf Mound" and "The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweep". The competition is open to different media, such as painting, drawing, and photography as well as audio-recorded and video-recorded drama. The winning entries will be exhibited in connection with the Danish Children's Culture Week Festival in Berlin.

Villamayor de Santiago (Spain)
"X Concurso Nacional de Pintura" (10th National Painting Competition). The town hall of Villamayor de Santiago (Cuenca) in Spain will host a nationwide painting competition based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales in celebration of the Andersen bicentenary. Each of the 80 competition contenders will receive a copy of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' publication "Dinamarca" donated by the Royal Danish Embassy in Spain as well as a copy of the publication "Ocho cuentos de Andersen" (Eight of Andersen's Tales) developed for educational use in association with the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation.

Andersen Premio Festival / Sestri Levante, Liguria (Italy)
Contact person: Sara Badano
Andersen Premio Festival (The Andersen Award Festival) in Sestri Levante in Liguria has existed for almost 38 years and was the first literature award of international standing dedicated to children's literature. The festival covers two areas: oral narrative and street theatre. The festival features artists and performers from much of the world. The festival will host an essay competition open to all ages entitled "Premio H.C. Andersen - Baia delle Favole" (The Hans Christian Andersen Award - The Bay of Fairytale). Entries must be handed in by 14 March. Winners will be publicised on the last day of the festival, 28 May 2005. /