Danish film director Bille August received The Hans Christian Andersen Award 2003

On April 2 2003 the City of Odense's Hans Christian Andersen Prize of 50,000 Euro was awarded to Danish film director Bille August. The prize is prospective and is presented to a person who will make an active contribution to create awareness about Hans Christian Andersen. The prizewinner will undertake a major project in relation to the world-wide celebration of Hans Christian Andersen's 200th birthday in 2005.

Hence, Bille August received the City of Odense's Hans Christian Andersen Prize 2003 to begin planning a major international feature film about Hans Christian Andersen. Furthermore, the board of HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN 2005 donates 4 million Danish Kroner (approx. Euro 540.000) to the development of the film.

Bille August has recently enjoyed great success with both critics and the public for the award winning Swedish film A Song for Martin, which was released in theaters in 2001. The film was produced by the Danish film company Moonlight, which is also supporting the planned Hans Christian Andersen film.

Previously, Bille August has made such international films as Les Misérables (1997), Smilla's Sense of Snow (1996), Jerusalem (1995), The House of the Spirits  (1993), The Best Intentions (1991) (awarded the Golden Palm) and Pelle the Conqueror (1987) (awarded the Golden Palm, the Golden Globe and an Oscar for best foreign film).

FILM-X in Hans Christian Andersen's Cellar
PROJECT MANAGER: Regitze Oppenhejm
In connection with the celebration of the 2005 bicentenary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen, the interactive film studio, Film-X, invites school classes to create their own interpretations of fairytales as part of their educational programme on Hans Christian Andersen.

The project "Film-X i Hans Christian Andersens klæder (FILM-X in Hans Christian Andersen's Cellar)" offers a framework where children and youngsters can work creatively and innovatively with Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales and stories.
During the bicentenary year, Film-X will expand into the world of Hans Christian Andersen where the audience will be treated to an airborne trip in the magic trunk, play the part of the little match girl in a film set street, enact scenes with the fur tree or Thumbelina or pull up a dead crow from their pockets like Clumsy Hans - with an enchanted film set palace as backdrop.

The Story of Hans Christian Andersen
A series of 5 drama-documentaries directed by Chen Jie
Producer: China Europe Interact Culture & Communication.

This TV series will consist of 5 episodes, 30 minutes in length each and 150 minutes in total. The story-line of the TV series will be based on his unique features such as his strong will which led him to success, his love life, his travel experiences. His multi-facet portrait will be focused such as fairytale writer, poet, novelist his life and especially his travels all over Europe. The TV series will be shot along his traveling route. Indoor interviews and on-site shooting will be combined, plus some acting techniques.

CCTV attracts more than 1 billion viewers, with coverage of 90.3 percent of the population in China. Its international and English channels are transmitted by satellite to virtually all over the world.

The NatFilm Festival

PROJECT MANAGER: Natsværmerfonden, represented by Andreas Steinmann.

Although he never experienced one himself, Hans Christian Andersen is closely related to film. The great influence the storyteller has on motion pictures plays a central role in the NatFilm Festival 2005. Hans Christian Andersen had an appetite for experiences and wrote about them in scenic terms that have inspired visual artists of all ages.

Few authors have made such an impression on the world of cinematography as Hans Christian Andersen. His life, his travelogues and especially his fairytales have been a source of inspiration for more than 100 films, and the interest is as great as ever.

During the NatFilm Festival held from 1 - 15 April 2005, audiences will be presented with a unique programme of Andersen adaptations. A wide international filmic representation is sought, most of which will be recent productions inspired by Andersen or based on his stories.

The Andersen programme will be a main feature of the festival emphasising motion pictures for an adult audience. Film directors will also be invited to speak about their films and Andersen inspiration.

Peach Blossom
Full length movie
Producer: Forbidden City San Lian Movie Company
Director: Feng Xiaogang
Producer: Zhuo Shunguo

This movie has the content of a contemporary adult fairy tale inspired by ?Under The Willow Tree' by Hans Christian Andersen. The story concentrates on a love story between a young couple in a small town after the Chinese cultural revolution.

The movie describes how the two persons gain their intellectual independence by reflecting on the development of Chinese society. The ambition is to produce a movie with both artistic and commercial value that combines an urban Chinese context with universal spiritualism and humanism.

Andersen Film Festival
Nationwide presentation of movies and documentaries inspired by Andersen.
(co-branding project, China)

Berliner Märchentage (Berlin Fairytale Days)
3 - 13 November 2005: Berlin

In 2005, the Berlin Fairytale Days will be featured as the Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale Days, The Galoshes of Fortune, in honour of the great fairytale writer. This will bring the fairytale days in Berlin back in full circle to when the event was originally launched in 1990 to celebrate Andersen's birthday.

However, the event, which will be the world's largest fairytale festival, will tour Germany from 22 October to 2 November 2005. As an apt heading, the Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale Days will be featured in Berlin under the catchphrase: 'The whole world comes to Berlin.'

The organisers, Märchenland e.V., will present Hans Christian Andersen's work between 3 - 13 November. More than 1000 events will be hosted at 300 venues, including all art forms and catering to all age groups.

Information: www.berliner-maerchentage.de, Tel. + 49 (030)-34 70 94 78