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Danmarks Radio, DR
As the official broadcaster of the Andersen bicentenary, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation has scheduled a host of special events. Furthermore, a number of already produced programmes related to Andersen will also be broadcast.

"Andersen" - a drama documentary on Hans Christian Andersen:
DR and NDR/Arte will co-produce a four-episode portrait of Hans Christian Andersen, covering the time from Andersen's first journey abroad in 1831 to his death in 1875. Danish actor
Lars Mikkelsen will play the fairytale storyteller and will guide viewers through Andersen's life to places of particular significance and inspiration for Andersen's embracing authorship. The screenplay is co-written by Mads Baastrup (DR Dokumentar) and Wilfried Hauke from the German production company DM-film. They will also direct the documentary in association with Piv Bernth. "Andersen" is to appeal to a wide audience and will be featured on DR1, part one Sunday 6 March and part two Sunday 13 March 2005, 8.00 pm.

Comedy Fairytales:
Danish comedy groups, such as Emmas Dilemma, De Uaktuelle Nyheder, Omar & Co., and the team behind the latest satire on DR2, Normalerweise, will subject Andersen's fairytales to the whims of comedy. The Danish Broadcasting Corporation/DR2 has featured the cutting edge of humour, satire and TV comedy ever since the station launched Casper & Mandrilaftalen in February 1999, and the station guarantees that the Andersen comedies will be sensational and daringly new.
Under the title "Den grimme vælling" (The Ugly Gruel) the show starts Friday April 8 and the following four Fridays.

Andersen in the wide world - dramatised travelogues:
183 radio spots of 3-7 minute duration will be aired every day between 2 April - 2 December 2005, inviting listeners to travel the country roads of Europe with Hans Christian Andersen as their guide. The radio spots will be featured as daily greetings from Andersen on one of his numerous travels and will draw on his travel books, letters and travelogues, which - when possible - will broadcast on the same date as the original letter or travelogue entry. The programmes are edited by Jesper Bergmann and directed by Jens August Wille. Montage and technical assistance is by Helga Prip, while Hans Christian Andersen will be played by Jesper Langberg. As of 4 April, the radio spots will be broadcast at 11:50 am every day throughout the year on the national station P2.

Nordisk Film / DR
"Unge Andersen" (Young Andersen). A full length movie and two-part TV mini series on the young Andersen directed by Rumle Hammerich and co-produced by Nordisk Film and The Danish Broadcasting Corporation. The TV series will feature the young and vulnerable Andersen, who from being a self-conscious young upstart develops the dark inner narrative voice, which later was to bring him  world fame. The process is prompted by head master Meisling at the grammar school in Slagelse where Andersen was admitted at the age of 17. Meisling was a control freak and tyrannical principle, who punished Andersen for his creative imagination by forbidding him to write and subjecting him to psychological harassment. Nonetheless, Meisling was highly intelligent, and Rumle Hammerich's production questions whether Meisling really was the demon he has always been made out to be, or whether he actually saved Hans Christian Andersen from insanity. In other words, "Young Andersen" deals with the birth of Andersen's authorship and lends entertaining and through-provoking insight into the young, vulnerable soul later to become Denmark's greatest author. It also renders insight into how Meisling's attempts to stifle the young Andersen's fiery artistic soul became his Waterloo, and how Andersen as a result of this showdown finally reaches his true audience: the inner child in us all.

Direction and screenplay: Rumle Hammerich and Ulf Stark.
The cast includes Henning Jensen, Lars Brygmann, Puk Scharbau, Peter Steen and the 19-year-old debutant Simon Dahl Thaulow.

The motion picture opened 11 March 2005, while the tv-series will be shown on DR1 20 and 28 March 2005.

"Unge Andersen" as a tv-series is at the moment sold to Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Slovenia, Australia, Russia, the Baltic States, Slovakia and Ireland. In addition to that it is also shown on NRK (Norway) and SVT (Sweden) who are co-producers on the film.

Moonlight Productions / Bille August

The Municipality of Odense has allocated DKK 10 million towards the Hans Christian Andersen Award, which is presented annually between 2002 and 2005. The recipients are people who are to undertake major projects related to the Andersen bicentenary in 2005 and thus actively contribute to the wider public awareness and appreciation of Hans Christian Andersen.
Danish filmmaker Bille August received the Odense City Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2003. The award, worth euro 50,000, was presented on the 198th anniversary of Andersen's birth, on 2 April 2003, at a ceremony at Odense Theatre. Bille August received the award in recognition of his work related to the major international feature film on the life of Hans Christian Andersen. The film, produced by Moonlight Productions in association with Bille August, is to be released in 2006.

JJ Film
In the film "Jeg så det land" (I Saw that Country), directors Jacob Jørgensen and Henrik Lundø follow Hans Christian Andersen's journey to Italy in 1834 in the wake of which he started writing his breakthrough novel, "The Improvisator". The film relates the story of the birth of a poet with Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen as our travel guide. Voices: Kirsten Olesen and Thomas Mørk. The film is scheduled for broadcast on DR1:
DR1 Sunday 27 February 2005 8:00 p.m.
DR1 Monday 28 February 11:30 p.m.
DR1 Saturday 5 March 1:30 p.m.
Read more here. /

NatFilm Festival 2005
Project Manager: Natsværmerfonden represented by Andreas Steinmann.
Although Andersen never experienced motion pictures himself, he is closely associated with film. Andersen's extensive influence on cinema will be a central theme of the NatFilm Festival 2005. Andersen's impressionability and painterly descriptions appealed to painters of his time and to filmmakers through the ages.
Few authors have with their work wielded greater influence on the world of moviemaking than Hans Christian Andersen. His life, travel books and especially his fairytales have been a source of inspiration for more than 100 films, and the current interest in him seems as strong as ever.
During the NatFilm Festival, 1 - 15 April 2005, moviegoers will enjoy a special programme featuring 9 major Andersen film adaptations. A wide international representation will be on offer of which the majority will be newer films either inspired by Andersen or based on his stories. The aim is to show Andersen's universality and versatility represented by films from different cultures. Filmmakers have been invited to hold talks on their work, and the festival is moreover to issue a printed programme.

THE NIGHTINGALE (Le Rossignol), France 2004, director Christian Chaudet.
RESURRECTION OF THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL (Seongnanpali Sonyeoeui Jaerim) South Korea 2002, director: Jang Sun-woo.
EL DETECTIVE Y LA MUERTE(The Detective and Death), Spain 1994, director: Gonzalo Suarez.
LA VENDORA DE ROSAS (The Rose Seller), Columbia 1998, director: Victor Gaviria.
THE MATCH FACTORY GIRL (Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö), Finland 1990, director: Aki Kaurismäki.
WILD SWANS (Metsluiged), Estonia 1987, director Helle Faris.
PEACH BLOSSOM, Director: Fu Ming, China 2005
THE STORY OF A MOTHER, USA 2005, director: James Hart.
THE UGLY DUCKLING AND ME (Den grimme Ælling og mig), Denmark 2005, directors: Karsten Killerich and Michael Hegner

Barok Film A/S
Project Manager: Vibeke Vogel, represented by Barok Film A/S.
With her film "Den rejsende" (The Traveller), film director Anne Wivel seeks to portray Hans Christian Andersen: it will be a journey together with the poet as well as it will be a journey into the Danish language - Andersen's tool. Three celebrated Danish Andersen scholars will meet in a room and talk about the poet and offer interpretations of his work with added humour and wit. The conversations are to offer food for thought on the basic human quest of making sense of the world. Anne Wivel has formerly directed critically acclaimed films on Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard and Danish artist Per Kirkeby.

The Odense Film Festival
The 20th International Odense Film Festival in 2005 will in addition to the general programme show films related to Hans Christian Andersen within the following groups:
1. Competition programme for short films
2. Documentaries on Andersen
3. Feature films, including children's films, based on Andersen's fairytales.
The festival will host a seminar. Following the festival, a number of short film packages will be created featuring national and international films. These packages are to tour with events such as the children's film festival BUSTER, September 2005.
11 - 16 August 2005.

Film-X / The Danish Film Institute
Contact person: Regitze Oppenheim.
In celebration of the 2005 Andersen bicentenary, the interactive film studio FILM-X invites school classes (and families during the weekend) to create their own interpretations of Andersen fairytales. The project, "FILM-X i H.C. Andersen klæder" (FILM-X in Hans Christian Andersen's Clothes), offers a framework for young people and children to work creatively and innovatively with Andersen's fairytales and stories.
In connection with the Andersen bicentenary, the FILM-X studio has been extended with a 3D-animated universe where audiences can experience the wild duck chase in "The Ugly Duckling", meet the dogs and the witch in episodes from "The Tinderbox", act out scenes from "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" and pull out a dead crow from the pocket of "Clumsy Hans" with a fairytale castle as backdrop. The Institute's educational department has furthermore developed Andersen related film educational resources. The studio was officially opened on 14 January and will be open throughout 2005.

Oncotype ApS and Metronome Productions A/S
"3+1 Badminton" is an interactive film project that pairs traditional cinematography with interactivity. The project is based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale "The Travelling Companion" adapted in 3 different versions that offer 3 different perspectives on the story. The screenplay is by Morten Schjødt, Rasmus Botoft and Kari Vidø. Previously, Oncotype has received great international acclaim for their interactive feature film "Switching".
"3+1 Badminton" is a co-produktion between Oncotype ApS and Metronome Productions A/S.

In celebration of the Andersen bicentenary, the MoMA will present half a dozen film version of the fairytale "The Little Matchgirl". The films span almost a century (the oldest being from 1915) and reflect multifaceted interpretations of this celebrated and cherished fairytale, which has inspired artists, children and adults throughout the ages. The museum as consulted a wide range of different archives worldwide to present a programme that features as diverse filmmakers as Jean Renoir, Aki Kaurismäki and Andy Warhol.

Tulitikkutehtaan tytto (The Match Factory Girl). 1990. Finland. Written and directed by Aki Kaurismaki.
Saturday, April 9, 5:30; Saturday, April 16, 2:00. T2

La Petite Marchande d'allumettes (The Little Match Girl). 1928. France. Directed by Jean Renoir.

Match Girl. 1966. USA. Directed by Andrew Meyer (with the help of Andy Warhol).
Saturday, April 9, 8:00; Saturday, April 16, 4:00. T2

The Little Match Girl in Shorts Spanning a Century:
The Little Match Seller. 1902. Britain. Directed by James Williamson.
The Little Match-Seller's Christmas. c. 1915. Great Britain(?). Director unknown.
Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelholzern (The Little Match Girl). 1928/29. Germany(?). Director unknown.
Matchi uri no shojo (The Little Match Girl). 1947. Japan. Directed by Arai Kazugoro.
Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelholzern (The Little Match Girl). 1953. Germany. Directed by Fritz Genschow.
Nyttårsnatt (New Year's Eve). 1993. Norway. Directed by Per Blom.
Sunday, April 10, 2:00; Monday, April 11, 6:00. T2

Sungnyangpali sonyeoui jaerim (Resurrection of the Little Match Girl). 2002. Korea. Written and directed by Sun-Woo Jang.
Sunday, April 10, 5:00; Saturday, April 23, 2:00. T2

Read more about the film here.
Premiere 9 April - until 23 April 2005.

China-Europe Interact Culture & Communication Co, Ltd (China)
Contact: George Yang
"Hans Christian Andersen - The Fairytale-like life of the Fairytale Writer". A Chinese TV series on the life of Hans Christian Andersen will be featured as five 30-minutes episodes. The series deals with Andersen's strong-willed success, his storytelling, his love affairs and his travel experiences throughout Europe.
Artistic director of the series is the young female director Chen Jie, whose feature film "This Side of Heaven" achieved awards in the west, while Wang Yue is producing director. The TV series will introduce the life and work of Andersen to the Chinese audience from a Chinese perspective. The series will travel in Andersen's footsteps and will film on location featuring interviews and drama-documentary. CCTV is China's largest TV station with a 90% rating (1.1 billion potential viewers) and reaches audiences throughout much of South-east Asia. Their international channel and English-speaking channels broadcast to much of the world.
Consultant: Professor Lin Hua.
1 - 3 April 2005.

Logo Cooperations

Sleeping Hero Productions (USA)
Contact person: James David Hart.
"The Story of a Mother". Sleeping Hero Productions is an independent film company established in 2003 in New York. The company is to produce a 23-minute computer animated 3D film based on Hans Christian Andersen's tale "The Story of a Mother". The film will be directed by James David Hart and has recently been selected for the 2005 NatFilm Festival featured in Denmark in April 2005.  
Voices: Dylan Baker, Kate Burton and Roger Rees among others.

Telescreen (Holland)
Responsible: Jacinta Lutterop.
26 half-hour children's programmes entitled "Der var engang" (Once Upon a Time) will be screened by The Danish Broadcasting Corporation/ DR1 during 2005. The series will be released on VHS and DVD: "Hans Christian Andersen - The Fairytaler". Each programme is based on one of Andersen's fairytales. An extensive merchandise programme has been developed for the series, which as of 1 December 2004 has been sold to broadcasters in the following countries: The Benelux countries, the Nordic countries, Germany, France, Austria, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Korea, Portugal, Greece and Italy. /

Concept Film & TV
The film company Concept Film & TV will produce ten screen adaptations of Andersen's fairytales. Danish national broadcaster DR (B&U afdeling) has given the project its go-ahead. The programmes, which use the Danish National Open-air Museum of Urban History in Aarhus as backdrop, are furthermore to be broadcasted in Scandinavia and Asia. The programmes are to reflect a quirky style akin to Jean-Pierre Jeunet's "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" (The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain) from 2002.

Films-Sud (Belgium)
Contact person: Mweze D. Ngangura
"The Governor's New Clothes" ("Les Habits Neufs du Gouveneur") is Mweze D. Ngangura's free screen adaptation of Andersen's fairytale The Emperor's New Clothes. The film is a musical about the corruption of power featuring a story about a family on the verge of breakdown in an African state where two ethnical groups are in conflict.
"I have sought to adapt the story to the political and cultural context governing the 'murderous reality' of contemporary Africa," says Mweze D. Ngangura.
Mweze D. Ngangura is born in Zaire but educated in Belgium. He has created documentaries and feature films and has achieved several awards.

The Danish Cultural Institute Rome / Alice nella Città Film Festival (Italy)
Contact: Erik Bach.
The Danish Cultural Institute in Rome uses the hca-bicentenary logo on official invitations to the showing of Rumle Hammerichs Andersen film "Unge Andersen" ("Young Andersen"). The Film Festival Alice nella Città 23 - 30 May 2005 has purchased the movie and will show it 27 May 2005 6.30 pm. /